person shouting through a graphic depiction of a megaphone reflecting marketing trends hotels need to look out for in 2023

2023 is predicted to be another big year for the travel industry. Flight travel is expected to reach over 85% of 2019 levels throughout 2023.

NB: This is an article from Hotelchamp

There is a big opportunity for hotel marketers to help capitalise on this demand and reach new and emerging audiences. However, 70% of marketers are describing their workload as high already – working on average on five campaigns at a time. Because of that, having a clear hotel marketing strategy for 2023 is just as important as ever to focus efforts.

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There are growing challenges and concerns like changing privacy regulations, reaching audiences, and a lack of high-quality data. Thus, it’s critical for hotel marketers to narrow in on areas of opportunity for the hotel industry. To help refine your strategy for the coming year, here are 8 hotel marketing trends for 2023:

1. The power of video (short and long-form)

It’s no surprise that video is becoming more and more important. And now short-form video is having it’s moment in the spotlight. TikTok, Reels and even YouTube Shorts are becoming increasingly popular. In 2023, video will be an important pillar for marketing strategies. 90% of marketers who have already been using short-form video say they will maintain or increase their investment in 2023. Brands will need to incorporate video, or risk getting left behind. Specifically, 21% of marketers are planning to use short-form video in 2023. And it’s not just Gen Z on TikTok anymore either—50% of Millennials and almost 40% of Gen-Xers were using TikTok in 2022. The message is clear. Video is a key trend for 2023.

A woman filming a marketing video with the frontal camera of her phone.
Video will be one of the most important hotel marketing tools for 2023.

2. Generative AI and ChatGPT

To prove a point with this one, I used Generative AI to help write about this specific trend for 2023:

“Generative AI is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses deep learning algorithms to generate new content from existing data. Generative AI can generate text, images, and audio from existing examples. It can be used to create original artwork, music, or stories, as well as more practical applications such as creating personalised product recommendations or customer service chatbots. Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way hoteliers and hotel marketers interact with their customers. It could provide automated customer service through natural language processing (NLP) and chatbot technologies. This would enable hoteliers and hotel marketers to respond quickly to customer inquiries without needing a human representative on hand. Additionally, Generative AI could be used to create personalized recommendations for customers based on their past interactions with the hotel or its services. This could help increase customer satisfaction by providing tailored experiences for each guest.”

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