User Generated Content (UGC) can be a powerful tool for hotels. User Generated Content includes any type of content a guest may create about your hotel including social media posts, photos, blogs, reviews, etc. Though you can have amazing content on your website and a top-notch social media strategy, nothing says how great your hotel really is like guests who have actually experienced your property first-hand. This is why it’s a great idea to encourage guests to share their experiences at your property on social media.

Here are some ways hotels can encourage User Generated Content on social media:

1. Create a hashtag for the hotel

Hashtags are widely used by social media users to categorize their various posts and search topics of interest. If your hotel has not decided on an “official” hashtag, users will inevitably come up with their own when posting their photos on social media. Direct users towards your hotel’s preferred hashtag by adding it to your descriptions on social media. By encouraging guests to post photos with your hotel’s hashtags, you will have an easy place to view the photos your guests are taking at your property, and can engage with them online. It also gives potential guests the opportunity to search through these photos for an inside look at the property.

2. Contests

Contests on social media are a great way to drive engagement and build up excitement about your hotel. Instead of hosting a generic contest where users simply have to ‘like’ the hotel’s page or ‘like’ the contest post, come up with something a little more creative. Ask guests to share photos or videos of their stay at your property. In the official contest rules, be sure to note that all submissions can be reused and shared by the hotel. This will give you great content to share on both social media and your website.

3. Photo opportunities at the hotel

You probably notice guests taking a number of photos during their visit to your hotel. This is something that is not going to change. Encourage guests to share these photos on social media with signs, fun stickers on mirrors, and other props. You can also suggest that they tag the hotel on different social channels and use your hotel’s “official” hashtag. These photos will act as unofficial recommendations to their family, friends, and any other users who happen to see the photos on social media.

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