The Superbowl provides an excellent opportunity for a hotel or restaurant to develop themed marketing ideas to drive revenue

The Super Bowl is not just a sporting event; For restaurant owners and managers, it is a golden opportunity to leverage Super Bowl restaurant marketing to bring in more people to spectate, celebrate, and enjoy some camaraderie and delicious food.

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In order to boost revenue and create lasting memories for your patrons, it’s we’ve compiled 12 supercharged Super Bowl restaurant marketing ideas that will not only draw in the crowds for February 11th, 2024 but keep them coming back!

1. Tailgate Party Catering Packages

Offering special Super Bowl tailgate party packages can attract groups looking for an all-in-one solution for catered menus. Include a variety of appetizers, drinks, and main dishes for pickup or delivery to cater to different tastes. Consider bundling them with discounts to encourage larger catering orders.

2. Game-Day Specials

Create a special Super Bowl-themed menu featuring popular game-day favorites such as wings, sliders, nachos, and loaded fries. Be sure to include items for everyone, like some healthier, vegetarian, and gluten free options. Promote these items in advance, and consider offering discounts for customers who pre-order for pick-up or delivery.

3. Team-Themed Drinks

Get creative with team-themed drinks or specialty cocktails to add a festive touch to your Super Bowl celebration. Consider creating signature drinks named after the competing teams or featuring their colors. Promote these beverages on your social media channels to build anticipation, and even start offering them a week ahead. Encourage patrons to post pictures with their team beverage on social media to create buzz.

4. Promotional Bundles

Create menu bundles or event packages that include a mix of appetizers, entrees, and drinks at a discounted rate. This not only encourages customers to try a variety of items but also helps boost your overall sales. If you take reservations, consider allowing these groups to pre-order bundles at a discounted price – a good deal for them and some early order insights for you and your team. 

5. Interactive Social Media Contests

Engage your audience on social media by hosting interactive contests. Post interactive polls, and encourage customers to share their Super Bowl party setup featuring your food for a chance to win discounts, freebies, or a Super Bowl-themed gift basket. You could even start early by posting a favorite game day food bracket or poll and incorporate the findings into your menu with some limited edition items. 

6. Super Bowl Sweepstakes

Host a Super Bowl sweepstakes with enticing prizes, such as free catering for a future event, a big-screen TV, or tickets to a local game. Promote the sweepstakes in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl to generate excitement and anticipation.

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