person holding a heart reflecting a positive guest experience and ideas to achieve that for a hotel

Improving guest experience is a top priority for every hotelier. But it can be tricky at times.

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And with their demand quickly evolving, the complexity of delivering such experiences also increases. So you need to step up your game to provide an out-of-the-world experience. Because ultimately, this is what is going to set your hotel business apart from the rest.

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In this blog today, we will look at 10+ ideas to improve guest experience at your hotel. Before that, let’s look at some of the benefits of having happy guests.

  • Happy guests are loyal to your brand.
  • They become your repeat guests. It reduces your guest acquisition costs.
  • They tend to spend more during their stay.
  • They are likely to recommend your property to their friends.
  • They write positive reviews and feedback, improving your hotel’s online rankings.
  • And when your hotel’s online rankings improve, you can increase your prices.

In simple words, enhancing guest experience can lead to stronger brand value, more sales, and increased revenue.

What are the 3 Important Components of Guest Experience?

1. Communication

Your guests want to be informed and heard, and they want their preferences to be considered. Maintain a good communication skill so you are able to listen to their needs, answer their questions and value their feedback.

  • Send out a well-detailed pre-arrival email
  • Send out reminder emails/SMSs before their check-in date
  • Ask them if they need assistance in reaching your hotel

2. Convenience

Whether your guests are on a business or leisure trip, they expect a wonderful stay at your property.

  • Help them with airport pickup and drop
  • Give your guests the option to pre-check-in self-check-in
  • Don’t make them wait longer at the front desk, expedite the check-in process
  • Offer faster resolution to their requests and complaints

3. Choice

Giving guests options for everything from room type to dining preferences allows them to customize their experience to their liking.

  • Offer personalized packages
  • Give them different options to contact the hotel staff
  • Let them decide when they need housekeeping

10+ guest service ideas to improve their experience.

1. Send out booking confirmation instantly

A booking confirmation email informs guests that their reservation has been accepted. This instant message serves the main purpose of the email – reassuring guests that they will get what they have paid for. It must include details like:

  • Hotel information
  • Chosen dates for reservation
  • Amount paid and also the mode of payment
  • Instructions on how and when to get to the hotel
  • Additional services and amenities
  • Hotel personalization and branding

It’s a great way to connect with your guests and show them what your hotel is all about, even before their arrival.

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