tick in stars like a hotel review

With hotels receiving a plethora of online guest reviews daily, writing a response to each review is strongly recommended.

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The benefits of responding to online reviews include guest loyalty, repeat business, better hotel reputation, and a clear understanding of guest feedback. All of these elements are critical to improving not only your hotel’s digital presence but your hotel’s on-site operations as well.

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Regarding responding to every positive review, many hoteliers believe no substantial benefit is derived from responding to a satisfied guest. However, that assumption could not be further from the truth.

Think of responding to positive reviews as an extension of the guest experience once the person has checked out of your property. It is the last phase of the traveller’s journey and is the final point of interaction between you and them, where a lasting impression can be made.

Why Should I?:

The scenario where a guest takes time out of their day to provide a positive review about your hotel properties means that they enjoyed their stay and want to promote your business. A simple thanks is the least you can do to show appreciation. Furthermore, you should use these moments to engage with the guest who wrote the review and inform potential travellers. Educating future guests is a great way to set guest expectations and position your hotel properties as a listening ear to traveller concerns, attracting more business.

In addition, responding to positive feedback gives you a clear understanding of what your hotel guests love about your property and what to double down on or promote on social media channels. Knowing your hotel’s strengths and weaknesses leads to leveraging your competitive advantage.

How to Respond:

Keep these tips in mind the next time you respond to a positive guest review online:

Avoid General Responses: This will come off as checking something off your to-do list. While it may save time to write a general response, using this form to respond to every positive review can make the reviewer feel unheard and discourage other guests from writing feedback when they come across these templated replies.

Be Detailed: Give more than a thank you. Show the reviewer that you read what they wrote by commenting on specific details they shared and provide an individualized response to their review. Personal responses show that you’ve heard them and that you care. This is an essential step in managing your reputation.

Address Concerns: Even a positive review with a 5-star rating can contain a few pieces of criticism. Ensure you mention these specific complaints and concerns head-on and alleviate any of the traveller’s frustrations. Travelers gain insight from positive reviews just as often as they do from reading negative reviews. If you thank a customer for their kind feedback while ignoring their constructive criticism, it seems like you’re not listening.

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