man being attracted by a carrot in much the same way hotels should use the january annual sales period to drive the selling of hotel rooms

Are you Going to Miss The Best Time To Sell Hotel Rooms in 2023?

There are times when a hotel has the opportunity to present themselves as the remedy to travelers’ post-holiday blues; the Annual Sale is that opportunity

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Do Hotels Really Need A Bespoke Website in 2023?

Bespoke websites are often seen as the perfect way to showcase this uniqueness. A seamless user journey can be a tremendous deciding factor

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7 Tips for A Booking Friendly Hotel Website

Within 2.6 seconds, visitors get a first impression of your website and decide whether to stay or look around at the competitors

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person holding a computer screen looking very happy reflecting impact of increasing hotel website booking conversion through the use of dedicated campaigns

61% Website Conversion Increase For Hotels Running Dedicated Campaigns

Preparing upstream and leveraging marketing technology on your hotel’s website is key to increasing direct channel conversions

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8 Features You Need In Your Hotel Website Template

Today, hotel business managers can easily and quickly craft gorgeous and functional hotel website with little to no experience

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christmas tree at a luxury hotel reflecting the importance now to boost direct bookings over the festive season

‘Tis the Season to Boost Your Hotel’s Direct Bookings

Now is the time to take the reins and boost your direct bookings. We ho ho hope these examples inspire you to create your most festive holiday campaign

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person looking at a hotel neighbour reflecting the fact hoteliers should not overlook brand image when constructing guest experience and messaging

How to Tailor Your Messaging to Reflect Your Hotel Brand Image

Apply these personalization and design strategies to grow your direct booking channel while ensuring that your hotel website stays true to your brand image

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7 Hotel Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Marketing mistakes are common, if you are making any of them, don’t feel bad – you’re in good company! But you shouldn’t continue to ignore the problem

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hotel website being viewed on a mobile phone after travel search

4 Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Hotel Website Visibility

Many independent hoteliers ask themselves, can I improve my website performance without advanced SEO? The short answer is, yes

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4 Hotel Direct Booking Strategies That Work

These four strategies can improve direct bookings with first-time guests and brand-loyal travelers, enhancing the guest experience pre-booking and beyond

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