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post its with people drawn on them with target rings and a pin hitting the centre reflecting value of website personalization

Boosting Direct Bookings Using Hotel Website Personalization

Here are five highly effective ways to personalize the website experience to ensure you maximize conversions on your hotel website

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image for the hotels network announcement of benchdirect destinations, their new benchmarking solution

The Hotels Network Launches New Benchmarking Platform for DMOs

For the first time tourism marketers and destination managers can use benchmarking to compare their performance with competing destinations

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michael goldrich the hotels network video interview thumbnail for coffee time discussion about thoughts on hotel direct bookings now and future

Thoughts to Drive Hotel Direct Bookings Both Now and Future

Michael talks about how the hotel sector should be leveraging the direct booking desire and also outlines 3 digital marketing trends hoteliers consider

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seaside destination reflecting how sundays can be fundays and hotels need to develop creative strategies to drive Sunday stays

Turn Sundays Into Fundays: 5 Creative Strategies to Drive Sunday Stays

We wanted to give you 5 inspiring ideas to market your Sunday night stays and boost direct reservations while helping guests deal with the Sunday scaries

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person on a laptop possibly booking a room through the hotel website reflecting importance of google ads integration to elevate direct booking

10 Direct Channel KPIs Every Hotelier Needs

Data analytics can help understand direct channel performance, but true value comes from comparing your brand to the market and identifying growth potential

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traveller looking at hotel reviews on a laptop reflecting importance of reputation management and it's impact on driving hotel revenue

5 Tips to Leverage Guest Reviews on Your Hotel Website

With the majority of travelers looking for reassurance, there is a significant risk they leave your hotel website (without booking) to check reviews on OTAs

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the need for hotels to embrace a total revenue management philosophy

Top 9 Digital Marketing Trends to Drive Bookings and Revenue

2022 offers many opportunities for hoteliers to improve guest experience. This year hotels will continue to pivot and drive more direct bookings and revenue

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new years resolutions is great time for hotels to look at sales

The Annual Sale That Hotels Need to Embrace

By associating the Annual Sale with New Year Resolutions, it grants travelers permission to treat themselves and spend money to achieve their resolutions

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clock with a poster highlighting a black friday sale hotels are running on their website

Hotel Black Friday Campaigns See 52% Website Conversion Increase

Despite there being no surge in website traffic, there was a significant increase in the volume of visitors making a booking on hotel websites

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hammock on a beach reflecting the current trend of slow travel and how hotels can adapt

Slow Tourism: What It Is and How Hotels Are Adapting to This New Trend

Slow tourism can be applied across the entire guest stay, representing a significant opportunity for hotels to reshape their offering

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