atomize and trivago data partnership announcement thumbnail image

Atomize Announce a Data Partnership with Trivago

Search data from trivago will enhance Atomize’s demand modeling and generate more revenue by optimizing rates in response to real-time market demand

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mechanical figure in the thinkers pose pondering should hotel pricing be automated or not automated

Hotel Pricing: To Automate or Not to Automate

The world changes real time, an optimal approach would be to assess your room pricing every second, every day, to detect and respond to subtle market change

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roomdex zetter hotels customer success story

Customer Success Story: Zetter Hotels

Having recently added Roomdex as part of their tech overhaul, we find out why Zetter chose this intelligent, automated upselling solution

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optical performance evaluation glasses reflecting importance to hotels of insights and alerts to present the wealth of data available to hotels in an efficient way

How Can Insights & Alerts Increase Revenue, Profit & Market Share?

The concept of insights and alerts seem straightforward, but most BI solutions haven’t perfected the art of delivering relevant information efficiently

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel rms tech has evolved

The Evolution of Hotel PMS Technology

Especially accelerated by the pandemic, consumer habits and guest expectations have changed far beyond the capabilities of the PMS of the past

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Applying Revenue Science to Create Value for Owners and Stakeholders

Revenue management should never be thought of as a one-time, short-term investment, but rather a long-term strategy that will pay back exponentially

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userguest expert partner who are we interview video thumbnail image

New Expert Partner: Userguest

Hicham introduces us to Userguest, their solution, client profiles and some future gazing. Finally touching on data privacy, GDPR and a cookieless world

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How Hotels Can Keep Up With Growing Guest Demands

To be successful moving forward, hoteliers need to put their current beliefs against what today’s guest is showing us they expect and respond accordingly

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What Hotel Guests Really Want: It Might Surprise You

The takeaway is simple in theory but impactful in practice – it’s time for hoteliers to allow guests to interact with their hotel and staff on their terms

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Revenue Management in a Changed Landscape

Revenue management is being considered in a new light as hoteliers grapple with heightened guest expectations, increased competition, and rapid changes

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