COVID-19 May Benefit Direct Bookings – Is Your Hotel Ready?

Using the downtime now to rethink your distribution strategy and direct sales channels to optimize your direct bookings is a good plan in any case

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dan skodol and trevor grant talk recovery strategy and revenue forecasting

Crisis Recovery Shape, Strategy Considerations and Revenue Forecasting

We talk with Dan Skodol of Cendyn about post crisis recovery shapes, scenario startegy planning and the importance of revenue forecasting as we exit

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hotels keeping Lights on during crisis

How can Hotels Keep Lights on During the Current Crisis!

It appears we are on the cusp of another recession. It’s time to get resilient. Here are tips on what hotels can do to keep the lights on over the upcoming weeks and months

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expert partner logos supporting hotel industry

5 Expert Partner Initiatives to Support Hotel Sector

We wanted to use this article to highlight current intiatives from 5 of our Expert Partners. These are offers they are providing to help support the Hotel sector during this crisis

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Strategy and Technology Preparation for When Bookings Start

People aren’t ready to make bookings yet, but they will be and some are predicting quite quickly. Many hoteliers are starting to get a strategy, and tech, in place to capitalize on this momentum

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6 Tactics to Learn From Hotels Open in Sweden During Covid19

6 Tactics to Learn From Hotels Open in Sweden During Covid-19

Contrasting sharply with the rest of Europe and beyond, Sweden has only imposed relatively lenient restrictions, meaning that most hotels and restaurants remain open despite the COVID-19 situation

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Meeting Survival Pack and How Hotel Meetings Might Change Post Crisis

Meetings Survival Pack and How Hotel Meetings Might Change Post Crisis

In this episode we talk with Niki Van den Broeck and Peter Bauer from Get Into MoRe. We discuss 2 topics, the first is how the hotel meeting sector might […]

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Covid19 Initiatives to Support Hotels and Communities

Covid-19: Initiatives to Support Hotels and Communities

This is a slightly different podcast to normal as it will focus on two initiatives apaleo and GiftUp have devised to support hotels and communities during this crisis

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How to Lean on Your CRM During Tough Times

In times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is the CRM solution’s ability to intelligently engage guests and personalize interactions that is its most crucial benefit

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computer and dots showing distribution across globe

The Advantages of Hotels Using a Global Distribution System (GDS)

So what are the advantages of using a GDS? Glad you asked! Here are some ways that it makes a hoteliers’ job more effective and efficient

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