The Great Hospitality Reset: Opportunities Post Crisis

In the face of one of the biggest crisis in recent memory, the hospitality market needs to rethink how it operates and build anew

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Smart Hotel Brands can Make Short-Term Sacrifices for Long-Term Loyalty

Sure, it might be short-term loss of revenue, but the value gained in guest gratitude is worth way more than that in terms of future loyalty

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5 Reasons Why Hotels Don’t Implement Chatbots

For Hotels that don’t want to spend money and time answering repetitive questions, chatbots are key. However, many hotels remain hesitant

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4 Ways To Use Your Hotel Channel Manager More Effectively

To be competitive you need a proactive channel management strategy. We look at four ways hoteliers can use their channel managers more effectively

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red trainers amongst white trainers showing benefit of personalized messaging to increase website conversion

Hyper Personalized Hotel Website Content for Mobile?

If you’re looking to increase website mobile conversions, focusing on personalization and hyper-targeted messages is key for direct channel growth strategy

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Customer Behaviour is Changing. Your Website Messages Must Adapt

We’ve looked at customer interactions with messages to analyze and pinpoint which types of content, targeting and message delivery are proving effective

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Driving Traffic to Your Properties Website

By following these simple tips, you’ll be taking steps in the right direction to drive more bookings directly to your website

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The Bottom Line of Hotel Automation is…well…the Bottom Line!

In a Post-COVID world, automation means hotels can unlock more revenue potential, increase guest satisfaction, boost productivity, and remain more agile

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people watching netflix on tv with popcorn

Netflix – What Can Hoteliers Learn From The Megabrand’s Success?

Seemingly vastly different from each other, there might just be some proven tactics that hotel brands can learn from the Netflix success story

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mechanical figure in shape of thinker contemplating how hotel revenue management will evolve along with technology

How Will the RMS Evolve to Move Revenue Management Forward

We explore how the RMS is evolving and what additional data sets are being integrated to enhance price forecasting and revenue management

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