How To Use Data To Drive Total Revenue

We know the market is volatile and unpredictable. We can’t change it, so embrace it. Data gives us control, it provides insights we can use to drive revenue

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The Hidden Costs of Operating Without an Advanced RMS

The RMS will be the catalyst to lead the unification of hotel technology systems around revenue and profit and drive a connected commercial organization

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Direct Booking: Isn't It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay] jurrnee event thumbnail

Direct Booking: Isn’t It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay]

Is it possible for non-branded properties, with smaller marketing budgets, to win the direct booking “war”? If so, how?

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person on the phone at hotel front desk managing guest communications for the modern traveler

Managing Hotel Guest Communications For The Modern Traveler

In addition to preventing common mistakes, it’s also important to take a proactive approach to managing guest communications

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PMS: Does Your Hotel's Heart Need a Bypass? Event Replay thumbnail

PMS: Does Your Hotel’s Heart Need a Bypass? [Event Replay]

Is the PMS truly the “heart” of the tech stack? Or is it the CRS/RMS; we know those companies would claim that each is the true “heart” of any property

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What Will Hotel Technology Trends Be In 2023?

The benefit of more technology investment within the hotel sector is that it will make the lives of all involved easier – staff and customers

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Independent Hotels Can Compete With Brands Using Modern PMS

Here are four existing hotel PMS capabilities that are leveling the playing field for independent operators

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Trends & Future Predictions for Revenue Management Software

Guest-centric revenue management, with buzzwords today like ABS (attribute-based selling) or customer lifetime value pricing, are not new concepts

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How Automation Can Forecast Uncertainty And Drive Demand

Above all, the task of a forecast is to map uncertainty. In a world where our actions in the present influence the future, uncertainty is opportunity

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HTA 101 - Business Intelligence Turn Data Into Dollars Online Event Thumbnmail

Business Intelligence: Turn Data into Dollars [Event Replay]

Wondering what Business Intelligence solutions are & how they can help optimize your revenue management strategy? Confused about all the high-tech buzzwords

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