person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel rms tech has evolved

Hotel Tech: How to Make Sense of The Tool Jumble

Decide what are the most accurate hotel performance indicators, then define your objectives for each of them and build a plan on how to get the results

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Revenue Management Needs to Think Like Digital Marketing and Vice Versa userguest revenue hub video thumbnail

Revenue Management Needs to Think Like Digital Marketing and Vice Versa

We ask if revenue strategies often lost on the direct channel and if hotel marketeers consider revenue strategies when planning marketing campaigns

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RevMarketing Automation Userguest YouTube Thumbnail

RevMarketing Automation (RMA): The Missing Link Between Revenue & Marketing

RevMarketing Automation (RMA): What is it, Why is it important, How can it bring together the revenue and marketing teams, and what problem does it solve?

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one hot air balloon rising above 4 others reflecting importance for hotels to adjust their booking behaviour before competition do

Take Advantage Of Changing Booking Behavior Before Your Competition

Make forward-looking demand signals, such as monitoring of booking behavior part of the data set that informs your pricing decisions

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thumbnail image for franco grasso revenue team article about why an rms will never replace human revenue managers

Why an RMS Will Never Replace Human Revenue Managers

Just as search engines evolved thanks to software engineers, the predictions of an RMS develop based on the understanding of data revenue manager’s input

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different colour casino poker chips reflecting different hotel distribution channels and technology needs

How to Build the Ultimate Distribution Technology Strategy for a Casino Resort

The biggest winners in the casino resort market are those that reduce customer effort while delivering the best experience both digitally and in person

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What Can Small Hotels Do to Succeed in the Hospitality Industry?

These five steps will help ensure that you’re able to stand out for all the right reasons, even if you’re competing against much larger hotels

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How to Boost Hotel Bookings With Your Booking Engine Data

It’s important to remember what a huge part your booking engine plays in your overall direct booking success – especially when OTAs are competing ruthlessly

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price optimisation what why how demo time atomize interview youtube thumbnail

Price Optimisation: The What, The Why and The How

We explore factors influencing price optimisation, number of calculations involved, why you can’t optimize without some technology and resistance to engage

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dilapidated hotel reflecting need for hotels to start focusing on their website and check it is recession proof

Guest Experience Will Be Key: Loyalty Doesn’t Mean Loyal Anymore

The guest experience needs to be good, and consistent, across all channels, from website to the app, the booking experience and on-property experience

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