coins being stacked up to reflect how a revenue management approach to hotel costs and quality is so important

Automated Upsell Revenue Performance Lift Right Off The Bat

To consistently get the team to upsell, every single individual, every single shift, with every single request – things are going to slip through the cracks

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thumbnail image for who are we discussion with new revenue hub expert partner howsmyrate

New Expert Partner: Howsmyrate

Kris Introduces us to Howsmyrate, their core solution, cost effectiveness and customization flexibility through the utilisation of Google Data Studio

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face with code overlayed reflecting importance of hotels understanding the changing privacy landscape regarding CCPA and CPRA

The Importance of Increasing Digitization in Hospitality

The majority of hotels have yet to unleash their full digitization potential. It’s not for lack of trying: 75% of hotel executives support AI marketing

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The Digital Hotel Guest Journey is Broken – What Can Airlines Teach Us?

But enough with the excuses: what can hotels learn from airlines in terms of digital pre-, during- and post stay guest experiences?

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Riding the Waves of Change with Hotel Revenue Automation

The time has come to upend old ways of doing business in order to remain agile and competitive, and this is especially true for hotel revenue management

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What Hoteliers Need to Know About Pricing in 2022

2022 is a difficult year to predict. 2021 was difficult to predict. And I don’t think many people got 2020 right. So how should you approach your pricing?

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Instant Gratification and AI-Driven Engagement Redefining Guest Loyalty

This scenario illustrates the difference between a traditional, points-based loyalty system and a rewards-based, instant gratification model

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How Your Guest Data Platform Becomes Your Direct Booking Platform

This explains the benefit of a Guest Data Platform in relation to your new customer acquisition strategy and how it can strengthen a direct booking strategy

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pandemic has brough about change in the revenue management functions

Hotel Revenue Management in a Time of Great Change

This white paper examines the tasks associated with revenue management and the reasons why the function was often burdened with workload issues

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Understanding the Unconventional World of Hotel Distribution in China

As the digital evolution continues, lines between sales, marketing, and distribution blur. Technology plays a larger role in hotel distribution in China

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