Generative AI in Hospitality: The Key to Personalized Experiences

Potential of Generative AI to improve marketing ROI in travel sectors is enormous. We expect its adoption to be quicker than the shift to the internet

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Hotel AI Implementation: Busting the Myths and Truths

Hotel AI can offer a level of personalization for guests or potential guests who have never interacted with your hotel before

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What is Zero-Party Data? An Overview (and Hot Take) for Hoteliers

Like first-party data, zero-party data comes directly from interactions with your guests. You could say zero-party data is a subcategory of first-party data

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Intelligent Hospitality developer and owner of HotelIQ decision cloud announce partnership with Zucchetti North America

Intelligent Hospitality Announces New Partnership with Zucchetti North America

Intelligent Hospitality, developer and owner of HotelIQ Decision Cloud, and Zucchetti North America are proud to announce a new partnership

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5 PMS Integrations to Drive More Revenue

A PMS isn’t only valuable for streamlining your operations. It also powers your entire tech stack to expand operations and drive efficiency and revenue

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How to Build the Best Hotel Tech Stack

Think of your tech stack as an ecosystem, where independent systems share data to automate cross-system processes and power seamless, efficient operations

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a person clicking on a laptop and a pixelated hand reflecting importance of adopting automation in hotel digital marketing to develop great hotel booking journeys

7 Ways to Automate Great Hotel Booking Journeys

We outline how automation and A.I. can be used to save you time (and budget!) at every stage of the customer booking journey

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Data Power! How to Use Your PMS to Drive Bookings

We’re not only talking about decreasing rates when occupancy is low; the secret to generating more bookings year-round lies in data contained in your PMS

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mechanical figure in the thinkers pose considering the evolving hospitality trends and ai driven technologies

Myths About Revenue Management Technology

We focus on the five commonly held myths about revenue management technology and why you don’t need to worry

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Evolution of Chatbots in the Hospitality Industry and Key Benefits

We look at the critical role of chatbots in hotel industry, highlighting the benefits of their implementation and the essential features to consider

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