10 Ways a Mobile App Can Change the Game for Your Hotel

While world travellers want to use a mobile app for hotels, and hotel app features are chosen for user-friendliness, there is a flipside – those who own hotels looking to run them from a device

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Top 10 Revenue Management Tips for Winning in 2020

Revenue management is considered an imperative integration and the major reason is good pricing algorithms. Having the most competitive rates in real-time, you would witness a boost in revenue

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Mobile PMS and POS Could Wow Guests and Transform Group Business

A mobile PMS and POS can effectively turn the hotel front desk into an “option,” rather than a “necessary evil.” Additionally, an integrated system can inspire a more agile service model.

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Ways To Improve Your Hotel Front Desk Team Performance

In order to improve your front office operations, you have to have a great team. Here are a few tips and to improve the front desk employee performance which leads to a better guest experience.

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sign saying simplicity which is what mobile guest messaging can provide to a hotel driving efficiencies

PODCAST: How to Choose and Implement a New PMS (Ep 6 of 6)

We are continuing our 6 part series on How to Choose a New PMS with the final episode. Over the course of the 6 episodes we explore the following: What […]

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An API First PMS is Integral to Your Property’s Success and Here’s Why

Choosing the right integrations for your property is not a black-or-white proposition. After all, different hotels have different business goals, markets and guest profiles. But choosing a deeper integration over […]

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PODCAST: How to Choose a New PMS Episode 5 of 6

PODCAST: How to Choose a New PMS (Episode 5 of 6)

We are continuing our 6 part series on How to Choose a New PMS. Over the course of the 6 episodes we explore the following: What is the role of […]

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Leveraging Your Front Desk Team after Implementing a New PMS

In this new world, PMS technology and humans work hand in hand, complementing each other and creating synergy that leads to efficiencies, enhanced customer service, and bigger profit margins

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How Smaller Hotel Chains Can Benefit from Using a Hotel PMS

Replacing a manual reservation book with a PMS solution will accelerate your growth by reducing costs, creating efficiencies, eliminating manual errors and identifying new revenue streams

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person with a magnifying glass following footsteps as if searching for hotel budgeting answers

Podcast: How to choose a New PMS (Episode 4 of 6)

During this Episode we will look at factors you should consider when evaluating and selecting a potential PMS provider. We will be talking about Support, Training, Costs and Contracts.

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