two people having fun looking through donuts reflecting how hotels should view their marketing in a different way

A New Way to Look at Your Hotel Marketing Campaigns

Marketing should understand where the gaps in occupancy and segments lie and work backwards to create plans to fill those gaps

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The OTA Which Applies AI Skilfully Wins

The one piece of tech that could be a true differentiator for an OTA is the skilful application of AI that could help to really understanding the customer

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person booking hotel direct online via a laptop

Why Direct Selling is Experiencing its Sweetest Moment

Direct selling, both telephone and website, has gained a large share of sales during the pandemic, demonstrating its great sales capacity and resilience

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OTA Bookings – How Have They Changed in a Covid World?

According to a study, 52% of travellers visit a hotel website after seeing it on an OTA and 20% of direct bookings happen after a hotel was found on an OTA

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laptop screen showing tripadvisor website

Tripadvisor Plus: How Will it Work?

Opinions on TripAdvisor Plus seem fairly unanimous that it is a sound strategy on the part of the platform especially during this economic crisis

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Hotel Competitive Set Reassessment for a Stronger Recovery

In order to define, or even redefine, your hotel’s competitive set, here are some do’s and don’ts to help ensure a strong, competitive recovery ahead

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Google Travel Adds Vacation Rentals Alongside Hotels in Search Results

But while this is a first for Google, the idea of surfacing both hotels and rentals in one search result has been offered for some time by OTAs

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How Hotels with Nimble Technology Have an Advantage

Hotels are going to fill up; no doubt about that. Properties with the most agile platforms will be most effective at pricing and yielding highest RevPAR

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Tripadvisors’ New Netflix Style Subscription: Tripadvisor Plus

No one has tackled the travel subscription market at scale and TripAdvisor is almost uniquely placed to do this. They have the potential to have real impact

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7 Hotel Commercial Mistakes and What To Do About Them

7 key findings, let us call them ‘Commercial Mistakes’ the property was making, were identified to answer why the hotel’s revenue struggled to improve

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