Guest Acquisition Cost: Everything Hoteliers Should Know

If you’re not thinking in terms of guest acquisition cost to get customers through your door then you’re missing a critical metric in charting your success

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Tips For Identifying and Attracting The Right Hotel Customer

When we talk about attracting the right hotel customer, as a hotelier, you first need to know who they are and what value they add to your overall business

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mirai article image detect hotel direct sales opportunities

How to Improve Your Hotel Distribution, Direct Sales and Your Results.

The digital advance and the growth of online sales generate a lot of important data that can suggest sales opportunities your hotel may not have considered

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pins in map of europe showing impact of direct channel travel search in dach region

DACH Hotel Direct Channel Trends in 2021

To help hotels understand the current direct channel scene, we have prepared a direct channel analysis for the DACH region, comparing hotel performance

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Meta Vs Search PPC – Why You Need to be Doing Both

You need to be seen everywhere and by doing both Meta PPC and Search PPC you’ll own more of the search engine results page (SERP)

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Tips and Tricks to Generate Maximum OTA Hotel Bookings

As part of your hotel OTA bookings strategy, knowing which OTA works well for which region is essential. You will find hundreds of them selling hotel rooms

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Building Strategies to Drive and Convert More Direct Traffic

One of the most impactful strategies hotels must revisit is customer acquisition. Travelers are shopping in different ways and looking for new experiences

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A Few Thoughts on Your Hotel’s Distribution & Channel Strategy

With increasing guest acquisition costs through OTAs, hoteliers need to rethink distribution, their effective channel strategy, and recharge direct bookings

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cake layers like different hotel distribution channels

Benchmarking Your Hotel’s Direct Channel Performance

Traditional hotel benchmarking tends to be based on occupancy and rates, with no visibility on how the end result came to be. We thought you needed more

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Run Your Own Booking.com Flash Deal Without the Commission Fee

You have a room at $100. If you sign up for Flash Deals, that room will sell for $70, less average commission rate of 20% – so the room earns you $56

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