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If you’re not using email to market your hotel, start today. Start yesterday! It’s 6 times more effective than social media, and it’s your most direct (digital) line to your guests.

Social media and search engines can help you drive more traffic both organically and with the help of ads, but it’s common for people from these channels to still be early in the buying stages – lookers, not bookers (this can be a different story when you’re running a flash sale or an especially enticing special offer, of course).

To gain loyal guests and grow your hotel website’s conversion rate, you need a private communication platform like email. Email marketing gives you an opportunity to build a personal relationship with your past guests, present guests and (hopefully) future guests. You can send email database highly relevant offers that will grab their attention in a way a banner ad often can’t.

How do you build successful marketing emails for hotels? What does one look like? Our expert marketers have the answers. Here are our top 6 secrets of successful marketing emails for hotels:

People, as a general rule, prefer interacting with other people, not faceless businesses. Email gives you the opportunity to put some personality, a virtual ‘face’, into your hotel’s marketing strategy.

One straightforward way to do this is to send your newsletters, offers and ezines to people as a single person, one with a name and position in the company.

This person needs to be someone important, like the head of the marketing department or your hotel’s general manager. Russell Brunson of Dotcom Secrets calls this person the Attractive Character. Russell doesn’t mean superficial attraction – he’s actually referring to a persona that the audience likes because they see a part of themselves in this person.

Why is this so important? It shows that your hotel is run by people with stories, who have the same problems, interests and motivations as guests. Express empathy with your target audience!

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