Is the picture perfect PMS an illusion?

With technology having evolved so rapidly, business owners are constantly expecting more automation and better optimization with modern tools. Many hope for dramatic, overnight transformations – especially in a fast-paced industry like hospitality.

When hotels today invest in management software like a property management system, they want to see quick returns on their investment. Considering the speed at which technology has been advancing and the demands of running a hotel, this is not entirely unreasonable.

With awareness about the phenomenal benefits of migrating to the cloud growing, hotel owners who haven’t used technology previously are also looking to adopt the versatile platform. However, it’s important that owners manage their expectations based on what the technology is actually capable of. Running and managing a business is still a critical skill that needs to be honed by those in charge of the organization – this is where human intuition and instinct come into play, and software will never change that.

If you’re on the fence about investing in a property management system and aren’t sure what your current requirements are, the sheer volume of options and plans available in the market can be overwhelming.

Here are a few points on what you should, and should not expect from a cloud-based property management solution.

Areas where a PMS can make all the difference:

Distribution: If your hotel can deliver a great guest experience but your occupancy levels aren’t meeting your aspirations, better distribution could be the solution. With a cloud-based PMS, you can connect your property in real-time to a number of global OTAs and the GDS network, making your hotel visible to the millions of guests booking rooms everyday. Additionally, thanks to the self-updating interface, every cancellation or new reservation is accounted for and instantly reflected across all booking platforms.

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