Reputation Management: Meet Guest Where it Matters

‘Online reputation management’ is an activity that might sound over-complicated or unimportant. However, it’s key to building your online bookings, especially those coming directly through your website. It also helps draw in guests who may book over the phone but want to do their research online

Today, we’re going to give you a getting-started guide to make it simple: We’ll take you through the different parts of online reputation management and how it can help your hotel. We’re also sharing a few of our favorite resources to get you on the right track.

What are the most important parts of managing your hotel’s online brand?

When you’re managing your social and your reviews, it’s important to look at exactly how those are impacting your property, and impacting how the brand is portrayed.

Here are some examples of questions your team should ask:

How do you deal with negative reviews? Are you responding to tweets and Facebook messages in a positive, professional way? What kind of tone does your hotel use on social media? Are you more casual or more formal with your guests online?

For hotels, managing their online presence and reputation is especially important today. This is because consumer behavior and booking patterns have changed, and are continuing to change at a rapid pace.

Potential guests frequently decide whether to book your hotel based on reviews and any interactions or experiences they’ve had with the hotel. This often overshadows over factors, even ones like price, facilities or location.

93% of the people find reviews important when determining which hotel to stay at. This includes word-of-mouth, or the social media equivalent: if a friend of yours wins a Twitter contest or  frequently shares posts from a hotel in London, wouldn’t you be inclined to think of that hotel first when you look for a hotel in London? Even if it turns out to be a bit more expensive than you were looking for originally?

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