DerbySoft opens “One” distribution management platform

DerbySoft has publicly launched its software solution ‘One by DerbySoft’ at World Travel Market. It offers multiple benefits to independent hotels and smaller groups and gives them an advantage in a highly competitive market.

DerbySoft is a trusted name within the international hospitality technology world. The Dallas and Shanghai-based company has been offering individual software solutions for global hotel groups such as Marriott, Hilton and the InterContinental Hotel Group since 2002. Now, not only is DerbySoft  expanding operations to Europe, but the hospitality specialist has developed a brand new distribution management platform called “One” for independent hotels and smaller chains.

“Our focus is to support these hotels in their task to successfully manage online distribution. It represents a challenge for any hotel, but especially so for independent hotels and small hotel groups. Compared to the larger global and regional chains, these businesses usually lack the deep pockets, the technical resources and the specialized personnel that is traditionally required to see profitable results”, André Baljeu says, Vice President at DerbySoft.

“One by DerbySoft” is an innovative, simple and affordable tool that helps independent hotels and small to mid-size hotel groups manage their online distribution in a quick and easy manner, across multiple reservation websites and channels. Today’s public launch follows DerbySoft’s “Learning Launch” programme, which gave a limited number of hoteliers early access to One since August.

“It has been well regarded by hotel managers, and the continually strong feedback shows us that we are on the right track with our solution,” André Baljeu states.

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