hotel guest looking out from a balcony reflecting how travel is now about experience not just a room

From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, today’s travelers want more than a standard room to sleep in—they want a stand-out experience backed by convenience, luxury, and personalized customer service. When shopping for a place to stay, guests seek properties that give them something to connect to emotionally, such as a unique story or the promise of a memorable travel experience.

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To create and sell the stay experience, accommodation providers need more than just a pretty room. They need to reflect their local destination, the story of their property, and their target demographic. Here’s how:

Offer Experiential Amenities and Activities

For most, the word “amenities” brings to mind conveniences like free Wi-Fi, in-room coffee and tea bars, and smart room controls. Experiential amenities go beyond modern luxuries and emphasize your property’s unique vibe.

To appeal to consumers’ desire for authentic and memorable travel experiences, hoteliers should consider their property’s connection with the local area and provide amenities and activities rooted in this connection. For example, a beachfront hotel can offer branded sunhats, towels, and flip-flops and organize activities like beach volleyball tournaments for their beachgoing guests. Properties with scenic, natural surroundings can offer bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, and guided hikes for guests to explore the area. A hotel located in a famous art destination can offer painting nights, studio tours, and display the works of local artists on its walls. Properties surrounded by vineyards can include a complimentary bottle of local wine, maps pinpointing wineries, and wine tastings and tours.

Experiential amenities and activities not only enhance the stay experience by encouraging guests to enjoy your destination to the fullest—they help set your property apart from the competition too. Unique amenities inspire guests to share photos on social media, and this free advertising for your property helps attract new business and create repeat and loyal guests.

Tell Your Property’s Story

When picking a place to stay, travelers have endless options to scroll through online, so hoteliers must grab their audience’s attention and hold it long enough to generate a booking. As consumers, we don’t always buy based on price; our purchasing decisions are often driven by emotion and based on the perceived value of the experience. Therefore, it’s important to present an online image (on both your website and social media channels) that immerses potential guests in the stay experience and encourages them to daydream about being at your property.

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