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Even as travel has opened up, staycations remain an appealing option for many potential guests.

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According to a 2022 survey by The Vacationer, 67% of respondents said they had taken a staycation or planned to take one that year.

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And why wouldn’t they? They can explore new facets of their local area… and order room service with their jammies on. And they don’t have to arrive two hours early for a flight that may or may not take off. Staying local even reduces their carbon footprint.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, staycations are in hot demand! Staycations are simpler, more sustainable, and lots of fun for guests, so take the time to figure out how to attract nearby travelers to your hotel. 

Hotel Experience

For those who staycation, full focus is on the experience of staying at your hotel. This experience is about more than a convenient place to stay near the museum. Locals already have a place to stay, so think about what extras and amenities you can offer. At home, they don’t have your perfectly fluffy king mattresses or chocolate cheesecake delivered via room service (which they can eat in bed while watching their favorite show). 

Here are some ideas for stepping up your stay experience…


Wellness tourism is expected to increase 21% each year through 2025. It’s a winner whether your guest comes from around the world or right next door. Taking time out to relax and recharge is more important than ever.

Some people don’t like to skip their daily fitness routine (even on weekends). But if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. You could partner with a local fitness studio to arrange discounts or provide in-room equipment like a yoga mat and hand weights. 

Food is important while traveling and so is healthy food. Have healthy options on the menu and options for people with dietary restrictions. Make sure that your restaurant staff understand special dietary requirements and the risks cross contamination can pose. (Don’t fry up food for a guest with a peanut allergy in the same pan you just made that chicken satay.)

People staycation to relax, and the right wellness offerings ensure they can do that. Pick services and amenities that align with your property, your brand, and your guests. Options can range from meditation sessions, massages, hot tubs, and yoga to complimentary bikes, nature walks, surfing lessons, and sleep amenities! Our client, Mysa Nordic Spa & Resort, even offers a Finnish sauna. 

The right indoor environment is important too. Hypoallergenic bedding, natural light and ventilation, greenery, relaxing decor and music all contribute to creating a tranquil space where guests can escape their daily routine.

Sleep Tourism

There’s nothing more relaxing than a good night’s sleep, and sleep tourism is travel in search of just that. As anyone who has ever spent a night tossing, turning, and thinking about their to-do list knows, getting that perfect sleep isn’t always easy. 

Since the pandemic, 40% of adults have experienced reduced sleep quality. Hotels have stepped up to meet the challenge with pillow menus, aromatherapy, bedtime teas, meditation, and even AI mattresses.

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