hotel guest in room with large bed reflecting growing importance of sleep tourism to hotels

“I need a vacation from my vacation.” Hours of driving, flying, ferrying, and waiting in line.

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Days packed with exciting yet exhausting back-to-back activities. Sumptuous meals, drinks, and extended bedtimes. Sound familiar?

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In the past, going on holiday typically meant making the most of your time by participating in as many experiences as possible. Going to bed early and sleeping in were wasted opportunities to explore new cities and stay up late to grab drinks at a local pub—and lodging operations rightfully emphasized their ability to cater to this demand. Now, however, with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the importance of health, wellbeing, and balancing personal and professional lives comes a new consumer demand: prioritizing sleep, even while traveling.

What Is Sleep Tourism?

Sleep tourism is the practice of providing special services catered to guests with sleep issues or who wish to preserve quality sleep while away from home. Just like any service, there are many ways to apply sleep services to your property’s stay experience. 

The emergence of sleep tourism is proof that the societal narrative of “always hustling,” “always grinding,” and “being the first to arrive and the last to leave” is being challenged. When the physical barriers between work life and home life became nonexistent with work-from-home mandates, defining a mental / emotional work-life balance became more difficult and therefore, more important. Now, as people seek to sustain these healthy habits with workplaces and travel opening back up, they will choose accommodations that offer cutting-edge wellness and sleep practices.

Inspiring Sleep Tourism Examples in the Hotel Industry

Zedwell (London, England)

In early 2020, London’s first sleep-focused hotel, Zedwell, opened its doors to guests in response to the societal call for better self-care in the COVID-19-era. For this hotel, sleep tourism isn’t just one of the many services it offers; a good night’s sleep is the entire inspiration and philosophy behind the stay experience. 

Innovative soundproofing, Egyptian cotton sheets, filtered air, gentle lighting, natural oak furniture, and a minimalist aesthetic make this innovator an inspiration for sleep tourism in the hotel industry.

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