How can colour be used to power up your hotel website for maximum conversions and bookings?

Color influences our perception. It can change the way we think and feel about things..

For example, studies show that yellow stimulates appetite, whereas blue suppresses it. Darker colors like red and black can increase visual weight, while pastels lighten things up. More interestingly, perhaps, teams wearing red win more often!

Color: How It Steers Our Emotions

Colors are often used to communicate emotions, but they work on a different level than description and expression. Colors, used correctly, have the power to nudge emotions in a specific direction:

  • Blue indicates trust, serenity and calmness
  • Yellow can make things look warm, friendly and fun (Interesting fact: 75% of pencils sold in the U.S. areyellow)
  • Green symbolizes nature. It usually implies health and peace, and nature-oriented hotel websites tend to have a “healthy” helping of it
  • Black strikes us a serious color, doesn’t it? Branding experts say black communicates “glamour, sophistication and exclusivity”
  • Studies show that orange physically and mentally energizes people—it suggests confidence, competition and haste
  • Pink is used to communicate femininity, nurture, care and seduction
  • Red creates a sense of urgency and activity

You should also be aware of the cultural implications of certain colors. For example, white is the color of death in China and Japan. However, in Europe, it indicates peace, innocence, and simplicity. Know your market to avoid costly mistakes!

How Color Has Boosted Conversion For Others

To some, color may feel like a small thing. But this startling case study from Bing proves otherwise.

Switching links to a more powerful color sprung their revenue up by $80 million. In this case, the power came from switching the shade to one “quite similar to the one used by Google.”

For a 5 minute fix, it’s a shocking result that highlights the impact that choosing the right color can have.

Another case study from Content Verve reinforces the value of color:

Changing their CTA color from blue to green created a 35.81% boost in conversions.

Dan Mcgrady from Dmix also received a 34% conversion lift by switching his CTA from green to red.

The case studies above highlight the conversion boosting power of color. That said, keep in mind that what works for others may not work for you.

Your optimum color is dependent on your target market and their needs.

How Colors Affect Your Hotel Conversions

We’ve discussed the influence of color. Now let’s look at how that influence transfers to increasing hotel bookings and conversions.

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