person holding a pen above a feedback tick box as they reflect on the price of a recent hotel stay illustrating the impact of guest reviews based on rates

Price is a very significant yet sensitive topic for many travelers.

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Receiving online guest reviews related to this subject is common, and these reviews need the utmost attention and consideration when writing a response to them. Remember that there is a correct way to respond to reviews on price when they are negative and positive.

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A hotelier can take proactive measures to reduce the quantity of negative guest feedback by setting online guest expectations through review responses.

It All Starts with Expectations:

One essential part of responding to reviews on price is including detailed information about your property. These response pieces of information act as educational resources for readers and future travelers. Nothing is worse for a guest than being excited about a hotel stay and realizing they must pay for parking or wifi. Setting the expectation of what is free or a fee will help reduce dissatisfaction and low-rating guest reviews. Explain what features are free of charge or non-complementary in each response.

Positive Feedback on Price:

Typically, it is easier to respond to positive reviews than negative ones. The lack of disgruntled criticism opens the experience and makes it inviting. This circumstance leads to the perfect opportunity to promote all the great things about your hotel properties. Think of a positive guest review as a canvas to paint your hotel’s incredible aspects. Recommended items to include in response to positive feedback on price are:

  • Complementary Amenities/Features
  • Renovated Areas
  • Exciting Local Attractions
  • Welcoming the Guest Back for Another Stay

Mentioning components like the list above give future travelers fantastic insight into what they can look forward to when staying at your hotel properties. This technique helps boost bookings and boost guest satisfaction.

Negative Feedback on Price:

No hotelier enjoys receiving unpleasant sentiments about their properties from guests. However, unfavorable feedback allows the chance to show your audience how attentive and effective you are at resolving customer complaints. The best advice for responding to negative reviews about price is to be timely. Response times need to be less than 24 hours because there is a small window to make amends with the traveler. After 48 or 72 hours, the guest will most likely not be interested in the resolution, and losing guest loyalty will occur.

It may seem like this is the right opportunity for an apology from the hotel, but that is not always the case. Ensure that if an apology is given that it’s warranted. Often, guests fail to research hotel policies that may be on the hotel website or social media pages. It is appropriate not to apologize and educate the traveler on where they can find pricing-related information. Lastly, include a contact signature at the end of the response so the guest can communicate with the property and discuss any other concerns.

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