two people at an air balloon event reflecting the importance for hotels to develop a guest experience to remember

A great guest experience is one where your guest enjoys their stay and, ideally, returns next year.

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That’s it. While the bells, whistles, and wellness packages are nice, they aren’t absolutely necessary. You don’t have to worry if you’re not an all inclusive resort in Dubai. The key is friendly staff, ongoing guest communication, and proactive service.

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Be Genuine

Encourage staff to be themselves; they don’t all have to keep a stiff upper lip like Carson from Downton Abbey. What guests really need after a tiring flight is empathy at the front desk and a speedy check-in. A smile never hurts.

In a recent PwC survey, 66 percent of respondents claimed the ability to be themselves was an important factor in deciding whether or not to change jobs. This means that letting your staff’s personalities shine through will not only benefit guests, it will help retain workers.

The latest travel zeitgeist is looking for local experiences and interactions, venturing off the beaten path and away from crowded tourist spots. Your staff can help provide that by being themselves and sharing their area knowledge and tips.

All departments should undergo customer service training, not only your clerks. A guest may stop one of your housekeeping or back-office employees with a request, even if it isn’t strictly their job. They should know how to say “no problem” and quickly contact the person whose job it is.

Invest in and reward your staff by providing professional opportunities, a team culture, positive feedback, and quality tools to make their job easier. The current labor shortage means it isn’t the employer’s market it used to be. People are more likely to show up to work with smiles on their faces and ready to do their best if they feel they’re treated fairly. Remember, happy staff means happy guests!

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