Mobile Travel Tracker around the world

The™ Mobile Travel Tracker uncovers the true impact mobiles are having on our booking and travel behaviours. It reveals that as mobile usage continues to grow and smartphones keep getting smarter, they’re shaping our travel mind-sets more than ever before, with almost a third of people admitting they book more trips than ever thanks to mobile.

The Mobile Travel Tracker is a global study of 9,200 travellers across 31 countries and below you will find some key highlights on topics such as; influencing booking factors, last minute booking behaviour, the unusual situations we book hotels in and much more. For more country-specific findings, please check out the relevant posts on the homepage.

  • 42% of people globally have booked a hotel on mobile, with this number rising to 53% for the under 30s.
  • 76% of travellers named the mobile device their number one travel accessory, with twice as many people choosing to travel with it than their loved ones!
  • All we think about in bed is our next holiday, as over a quarter of people admit to booking a hotel whilst between the sheets
  •  42% of people have made a same day hotel booking thanks to mobile, with 14% even booking their hotel in the airport departure lounge
  • The price isn’t always right as the right payment method and customer reviews are more important than price according to travellers.

Travel Trends from 2015

Today’s modern traveller makes four trips a year and on average stays in a hotel 13 nights of the year. Although for some, the hotel becomes their home for a month, as almost 1 in 10 spend more than 31 days a year in a hotel room.

Business trips (29%), short breaks at home (30%) and short breaks abroad (30%) are the main occasions people book on mobile. Over a quarter of travellers (27%) are multi-tasking mobile users, as they have booked a hotel whilst also searching on multiple devices.

Secret Bookers – From the bedroom to the boardroom to the bathroom

Gone are the days of booking your trip sat in a travel agents surrounded by people, because nowadays hotel bookings are sometimes a more secretive affair, with travellers reserving their hotel rooms everywhere from the bedroom, to the boardroom and even in the bathroom.

27% of people say they have booked a hotel whilst in bed with their partner – this is the most popular situation for booking a hotel. Almost a quarter of people also admitted to booking a hotel in the office when they were supposed to be working and 10% even confessed to booking a hotel whilst sitting on the toilet!

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