image of an empty chair in a run down building reflecting the impact to hotels of open executive positions and loss of momentum and revenue

Cost to Hotels of Open Executive Positions and Loss of Momentum

Today we look at Hotel staffing and the impact an executive opening can have on a property – momentum is a key word here

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magnet and people shapes reflecting importance to hotels on focusing on staff retention not just hiring the next person

Retention, Retention, Retention: What Can Hotels Do To Improve It?

We draw on Deanne’s experience and explore the topic of staff retention and tactics to employ to help with the staffing challenges the hotel sector faces

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Three Innovations to Solve Hotel Staffing Shortages

In a time of staffing shortage, employee satisfaction is more important. Adopting a flexible and agile staffing model aligned with dynamic demand is key

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image for ssp video discussing the hotel staffing issues and whether the current situation is a passing shower or a bigger storm brewing

Hotel Staffing Issue: A Passing Shower or a Bigger Storm Brewing?

Bill and Kirby provide insights on the current situation regarding hotel staffing challenges and the loss of senior strategic expertise following covid

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Seven Game of Thrones Character Traits for a Revenue Manager

While it may feel like spring, winter is here… And for fans of Game of Thrones, that means the beginning of the end for the beloved HBO series. This Sunday kicks off […]

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Training, Maintaining & Elevating Top Hotel Revenue Management Talent

Remember that whiz kid in reservations? He had grown up with computers and seemed able to fly around the property management system with natural ease and skill. Sure, his job […]

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Breaking the Boundaries Between Hotel Revenue, Marketing and Sales

At a time when powerful technology is changing the game, revenue management professionals need to reinvent themselves by stepping outside of their comfort zone by bringing revenue, marketing and sales […]

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The Secret Sauce of Revenue and Profit: People Power

Revenue management strategies today are built largely on the relevant, impactful and extraordinarily detailed data provided by the increasingly sophisticated software and reporting that is now available. NB: This is […]

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Five Experiences that Build the Revenue Manager Resume

Five Experiences that Build the Revenue Manager Résumé

The traditional career path for most Revenue Managers is to start in Reservations or the Front Office and then jump into an RM role. While this may be the most […]

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Talent and technology go hand-in-hand in contact centers

Technology is transforming the way organizations interact with customers—but even the most promising digital tools still work best when paired with skilled humans. High-tech solutions like blockchain and automation will […]

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