2 sprint lanes reflecting how hotel sales and marketing should work in tandem

Traditionally, the cornerstone of Hotel Nation is one of dynamic professionals armed with light speed drive, a get it done at all costs attitude, a sense of urgency on steroids.

NB: This is an article from Hotel Executive

We are proud of the fact that there are competitors that lay in the wake of our success. Technology advances are all rooted in faster is better.

Yet, our current market conditions in most cases provides a customer base that either financially, or due to policy decisions, do not have the willingness to buy. We now know that for most, this recovery will be over several more months, not weeks.

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Over the last year, most segments have suffered greatly, and only recently are we seeing signs of life with Individual Pleasure travelers. If you operate your hotel in a destination area, or a State that has safely lifted many restrictions, you have benefited from customers that are very eager to travel. Also, there are more out there that will travel soon in the future. Summer is now upon us and families will break out. International Travelers, not willing or unable to deal with suffocating restrictions, will join others and be part of the leading edge of domestic travelers, which will give shape to the great American comeback of 2021 and 2022.

So where does that leave the Sales and Marketing efforts for all other segments outside of Leisure? What about that mental health of all those supercharged professionals known for crushing the competition while obtaining group business, and other?

First and foremost, if you have not adopted a long game, and embraced the skills that go along with it, you must start today. By now you may have learned that those dynamic marketing efforts to make something happen this very minute, have met with only marginal success. Many hotels remain closed or are troubled…..but this will change very soon as markets become economically healthy again.

The success of the Long Game will start with you and your organization. Steps and action plans can still be helpful in organizing your efforts. Winging it will not, and it will not inspire others that you lead in a effective manner, including ownership. Develop your plan over at least 12 months, and discard or modify it should we benefit from a bounce forward earlier.

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