hotel marketing if it was an olympic sport

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There is nothing quite like the Olympics that has the power to inspire the greatness in all of us. It shows us the virtue of sportsmanship and the reward for committing yourself to excellence. And, along with going after that gold medal, in the end it’s the grit, focus and relentless effort that really count.

The Olympics should also remind hotel marketers that the battle for personal gold is not confined to the boxing ring, running track, or at the high jump bar. Everyday, you’re reaching your own new heights of performance and greatness at your hotel, pulling off impressive feats of skill and execution like a true champ.

However, hotels marketers are not all alike. We all have our own ways of going after the gold. Just like athletes with their respective sports, you too have your own strategy to winning your hotel marketing and sales goals.

If hotel marketers were Olympic athletes, which event would you compete in?

1. The High Jumper

These hotel marketers are known for jumping over impossibly high revenue bars set by owners. You don’t flinch when you hear the proposed sales and marketing projections. Instead, you take off running, quickly strategizing each next move to help you clear the bar. Like a champion high jumper, no marketing goal is insurmountable, just so long as you come in with the right approach, dedicate yourself to every detail and commit to flawless execution and practice.

2. The Marathoner

You’re a hotel marketer known for endurance, a trait that pays off when you consistently outperform your compset year after year. Your skill and fortitude comes from a systematic approach to marketing. You start off your year by building a hotel marketing strategy for the long-haul, not for short sprints of revenue. Instead of going for speed and facing the danger of running out of steam, you pace yourself and run on persistence and patience. You set monthly key performance indicators as your mile markers, and encourage and reward your team when you reach them. Because of your perseverance, you always finish strong.

3. The Archer

These hotel marketers know exactly where to aim.

You’ve taken the time to narrow down an audience, put together personas of your hotel’s ideal customers, know where they live, how old they are and what type of media they consume. You have a laser-sharp focus on what your marketing goals are and exactly how to get there. You value quality over quantity and that means narrowing your audience, instead of casting a wide net. Your hotel owners trust that you’ll fire off highly accurate and relevant campaigns, to the right audience, at the right time. So, it’s never a surprise when you always end up right on target!

4. The Boxer

These are group sales professionals who enter into negotiations with corporate buyers and meeting planners with the mental toughness and the competitive edge of a prized boxer. You know preparation is key before squaring off with your opponent. So, you approach the sparring session at the negotiation table with optimal conditioning and experience. You know your opponent’s weak spots. You can spot your winning opportunities. And, you’re prepared to face rapid-fire questions and arguments, along with throwing in well-planned moves of your own. You know what value you and your hotel can bring, and you fight for the business until you get your knockout punch with a signed contract.

5. The Tennis Champ

These hotel marketers stay in the game by always hitting the ball back over the net, no matter what kind of shots are coming at them. Just as a tennis player never takes their eyes off the ball, you always know how your is audience reacting, how your metrics are growing, and how well your marketing campaigns are doing. You know how to drown out all the distractions and focus on what really matters. When you miss a shot, you pick up the ball and get right back in the game. Plus, you have learned to anticipate your opponent’s every move, a skill you sharpened by keeping close watch on your comp set, so that you’ll be in the right position and prepared for your own marketing moves and whatever comes your way.

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