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It’s a beautiful morning, birds are singing, the sun’s shining bright, you grab a cup of  coffee, and then settle in to check your hotel’s Instagram account. Time to see how many likes your newest photo has gotten and engage with your new adoring fans.

Yet when you login, you see the picture only got 10 likes and no comments! Why, you ask yourself, is no one engaging with my hotel on Instagram?

You spent time coming up with the perfect photo, wrote clever sayings and trendy hashtags, but nobody gives it any love. Other hotels you follow get tons of engagement and new customers everyday.

Well, before you quit because social media isn’t working, let’s take a closer look at the problem.

What’s Wrong With My Instagram?

If your posts don’t get many likes and comments, then you probably aren’t portraying your hotel from its best angle.

First off, it’s important to analyze the content on your hotel’s Instagram, just as you would analyze any other form of advertising. Ideally your Instagram account should reflect your brand while maintaining a cohesive presentation.

One way to get more engagement on your posts is to make sure your photos are as captivating as possible. A picture of your hotel’s antique front desk will attract way more attention if it’s not cluttered with signs and other stuff.

One of the best ways to explain this is to compare your hotel’s Instagram to a restaurant menu.

For example you walk into a new restaurant and are handed the menu. Besides all the usual print, there are beautiful professional photos depicting mouth-watering entrees. If you’re like me, your eyes drift toward (or zero in on) the most colorful, fun looking dish, and you just have to have it, even without knowing what it tastes like.

Well, the same principle works for Instagram.

By nature people are visual, so give them something to look at! Make your photos captivating and watch the likes and comments improve right before your eyes.

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