Latest Global Statistics, Review Volume and Impact Scores

We noticed that review volume growth is slower than other indicators, such as the number of international arrivals or hotel bookings

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Chargebacks Are Bigger Problem Than Most Hoteliers Think

With poor guest experiences being a main driver of chargebacks, there’s a real risk of creating a vicious cycle that leads to poor reviews and reputation

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smiling guest at check-out reflecting the importance of this last interaction with the guest to reinforce a good experience and improve hotel reputation

How to Use Check-Out to Improve your Hotel Reputation

How can you make the most of check-out to improve guest satisfaction and hotel reputation? Here are four tips that can make a difference

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images of hotels on the hopper app reflecting why hotels should consider it as a legit source for reviews

Hopper Reviews: Is it Legit for Hotels?

Hopper hotel reviews are presented as ‘user ratings’ and your hotel is shown to all Hopper users who are searching for accommodation in your area

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The Importance of Online Reviews in Hotel SEO Strategy

Let’s discuss how to best leverage online reviews to optimise your hotel SEO strategy. In particular, dealing with negative reviews

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How Smart Review Management Drives Revenue

Grow your hotel’s profitability and digital presence by mastering online review management. Explore practical strategies, understand the guest perspective, and leverage reviews to market your establishment in the digital landscape

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Connecting the Dots Rates, Reviews, Reputation and Demand Hotellistat Discussion YouTube Thumbnail

Connecting the Dots: Rates, Reviews, Reputation and Demand

We look at the data, the potential value, and examples of correlations and cause-effect relationships that could benefit hoteliers

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Proven Strategies to Increase Your Hotel Review Score

Implementing these strategies will help increase your hotel’s review score, which is crucial for attracting more guests and improving your online reputation

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5 Tips To Get More Hotel Reviews

In the competitive landscape of the hotel industry, mastering the art of collecting online reviews is a strategic move that sets you apart from competition

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Why You Should Respond to Every Positive Review

Think of responding to positive a review as an extension of the guest experience once the person has checked out of your property

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