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pillars reflecting different aspects in hotel operations including sales marketing revenue data and analytics

Our Philosophy for Hotel Analytics in 3 Pillars

Different Stakeholders have different needs. You can unleash your creativity by putting detailed analytics together but every user needs their own view

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image for press release about JA Resorts choosing Atomize RMS

JA Resorts & Hotels Choose Atomize as Exclusive RMS Provider

JA Resorts & Hotels desired an RMS that had the ability to deliver just in time optimal pricing decisions their Revenue Managers can rely on

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image of hotel uplugged in amsterdam

Hotel Unplugged: Next-Gen Accommodation With a Next-Gen Tech Stack

Using an RMS that does not offer hotel competitor data can almost be compared to participating in a race with your eyes blindfolded

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clock with a poster highlighting a black friday sale hotels are running on their website

Hotel Black Friday Campaigns See 52% Website Conversion Increase

Despite there being no surge in website traffic, there was a significant increase in the volume of visitors making a booking on hotel websites

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article image of the Charlottehaven Hotel in an article about increased website conversions

Increase Website Conversions by 71.9%: Charlottehaven Hotel Case Study

The hotel was looking for a tactic to retain people on the hotel website, and encourage weekday reservations

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roomdex upselling customer success story mercure grand geneva resort

Upselling Customer Success Story: Marcus Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

The biggest issue we had with upselling were COVID-related issues. We were able to work through those with ROOMDEX to maximize our offerings and revenues

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Atomize Juyo Partnership Announcement image

Atomize RMS and Juyo Analytics Join Forces to Empower Commercial Teams

By joining forces, Atomize and Juyo provide hotels with a solution that covers proactive, tactical price automation to reactive strategic data intelligence

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cendyn pegasus merge thumbnail improving direct booking channel

Cendyn and Pegasus Merge to Maximize Direct Booking Channel

The merger of Cendyn and Pegasus provides hoteliers with a platform to maximize the direct-booking channel, enhancing the guest experience end-to-end

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the hotels network outrigger hotel website conversion case study

How Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Increased Website Conversion and Direct Revenue

Despite receiving a high amount of website traffic their conversion rate was not as good as desired. It looked like users needed an extra incentive

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mirai article image detect hotel direct sales opportunities

How to Improve Your Hotel Distribution, Direct Sales and Your Results.

The digital advance and the growth of online sales generate a lot of important data that can suggest sales opportunities your hotel may not have considered

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