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shutters closed like booking closing down rateintelligence

Hotels Are You Ready? Only 2 Weeks Until Booking Shuts RateIntelligence

With just two weeks to go until Booking shuts down RateIntelligence forever, hoteliers are in need of a reliable alternative

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person looking at a path through questions marks contemplating how hard it is for hotel revenue management during a pandemic

New Report Gives Actionable Insights To Hotels For Navigating the Crisis

As hotels continue to grapple with the crisis impact, this comprehensive report explores steps hotels can take to navigate the ‘new normal’

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aircraft coming into land provides flight search data useful to hotel revenue managers

Lybra Integrates Future Flight Search Data for More Accurate Pricing

Future flight search data helps hotels increase visibility to travelers already planning a trip to their destination and earn more bookings

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empty tables by hotels in venice italy due to covid

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Italian Hospitality Market

despite the dramatic effect of Covid-19 on the national hotel industry, the sector has kept its considerable entrepreneurial strength intact

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Upselling streamline Front Desk operations

Stress-free Upselling: How to Streamline Your Hotel Operations

These tips make it easier for you and your team to bring your upselling and cross-selling offers to life without stress. Happy implementing

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booking rateintelligence tool

Use Booking’s RateIntelligence tool? Upgrade Before End November 2020

If you use’s free rate-shopping tool RateIntelligence, you’ve probably heard that, on 30th November 2020, it will be discontinued

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person using laptop to access email

The Best Hotel Reopening Email Campaigns

With the shift towards contactless technology, email is still a most effective way to stay connected and communicate with hotel guests

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expert partner who are we fulvio giannetti of lybra

Lybra “Who Are We” – Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

We are delighted to welcome Lybra as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by: Fulvio Giannetti – CEO Fulvio talks us […]

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fornova who are we expert partner

Fornova “Who Are We” – Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

We are delighted to welcome Fornova as an Expert Partner of Revenue Hub. In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by Dori Stein – CEO

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Topline RevPros "Who Are We" - Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

Topline RevPros “Who Are We” – Welcoming our Latest Expert Partner

In this “Who Are We” video we are joined by Cameron Peterson and Connor Vanderholm, Co-Founders of Topline RevPros, our new Expert Partner

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