blocks being stacked in the same way hotels should build an optimal ota mix in a dynamic distribution environment

How to Build Optimal OTA Mix in a Dynamic Distribution Environment

To build an effective distribution strategy your OTA mix should include a minimum of 6 channels made up of the following types of OTAs:

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Why Delivering Best Hotel Guest Experience Should Be Priority

Now, it’s time for hoteliers to start planning what they can do to ensure the best hotel guest experience possible is center of everything they do

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Book Direct Is Growing: Here’s How To Strengthen Strategy

Online direct hotel bookings are forecast to grow by over 10% in Europe. This means that your book direct strategy is more important than ever

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Is Flight and Hotel Search Data a Reliable Indicator of Market Demand?

Predictive market intelligence, powered by flight and hotel search data, can quickly indicate pre-booking market demand and potential revenue opportunities

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Google Travel Insights: What They Say And How To Use Them?

Google Travel Insights forms part of the wider Google offering and is intended to be used by those involved in areas like travel, tourism and hospitality

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4 Hotel Direct Booking Strategies That Work

These four strategies can improve direct bookings with first-time guests and brand-loyal travelers, enhancing the guest experience pre-booking and beyond

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christmas bauble reflecting upcoming holiday season and need for hotels to focus on quick wins for conversions

Quick Wins For Conversions This Holiday Season

Creating a sense of urgency is a solid strategy for increasing conversions during a campaign. This is especially true for holiday sales

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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Hotel’s Website Performance

Attracting potential guests to your website and delivering a pleasant navigation experience is only part of the eCommerce equation

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How Hotels Recover More Direct Booking Revenue with A/B Tests

Through the use of A/B split testing you can increase direct booking for your hotel. Even better, A/B testing can be done quickly and easily

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Direct Booking: Isn't It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay] jurrnee event thumbnail

Direct Booking: Isn’t It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay]

Is it possible for non-branded properties, with smaller marketing budgets, to win the direct booking “war”? If so, how?

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