Book on Google: Similarities and differences from TripAdvisor Instant Booking

This past year, Google and TripAdvisor revolutionised the travel industry by launching Book on Google and Instant Booking respectively. Comparing one with the other will help us understand them both. Find the comparative analysis below.

Where is the booking made?
Inside TripAdvisor and Google respectively, without leaving their website or app.

What is their objective?
In both cases, improving the user experience by eliminating the loss produced when redirecting to the OTA’s or hotel’s website, thus increasing conversion in these bookings.

Can I “connect”  my direct sales? What do I need to “connect”?
Yes, through a partner integrated with TripAdvisor and Google.  You need to collaborate with an integrated partner.

Is it a space reserved exclusively for direct sales? Can I stop OTAs from “connecting”?
No. OTAs also have access. To stop them from “connecting” you can negotiate with them directly but it would have to be one by one and would not be a realistic option as of today.

How much does it cost?
Instant Booking
: only offers a CPA (commission) model in two formats: 12% or 15%.
Book on Google: is technically free, although to activate it you need to participate in Hotel Ads, which has a cost whether it’s in CPC or CPA mode (10% to 50%).

How many entries does the client see in the search results?
TripAdvisor, as many as there are OTA bidding on it, although there is only a single “Book Now” button (message that constantly changes as TripAdvisor is always testing). This message usually occupies a prominent position in the results.
Google also shows as many as OTAs are bidding although, unlike Instant Booking, all entries (both OTAs and direct sales) may activate Book on Google.

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