like the blossom season in japan you can bring local guests to your hotel

The hotel industry is constantly evolving. People are still not comfortable traveling to faraway places.

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The low travel confidence has given rise to new trends and travel behaviors that hoteliers are keen to explore. Amidst the uncertainty, it is essential that hoteliers roll up their sleeves and adapt to the new changes.

The time is now ripe to tap more on the local tourists since it is a robust recovery roadmap.

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Attracting local guests at your hotel not only helps you secure your business, but also you can have enough cash flow for mortgages and bring back your furloughed employees.

Hotels should now promote the concept of staycations so that more locals are enticed to visit the property to have a good time.

But in case you are thinking about why and how to attract locals to your hotel, I have covered it all in this blog. Give it a read and you shall know the basics.

Why Attract Local Guests to Your Hotel? 

If you are thinking about how local guests can become a steady source of income, then let me explain to you further.

Tapping into the local travelers offers you a steady source of income even when the business is a bit slower from other parts of the country or the globe.

Local guests can be a great source of advertising. Must be wondering how! 

  • Delighted local guests can spread the word of mouth like wildfire. Thus people around you get to know and wish to explore more 
  • Local guests can be a great source of indirect marketing 
  • Locals who have a happy experience are most likely to leave positive feedback on the review sites.
  • With more local travelers at your hotel, the stayover guests can interact with them, leading to cultural interchange 
  • The presence of locals in your hotel lends authenticity to the property

How to Attract Local to Your Hotel?

It is beneficial to bring in more local guests to your property but for that, you must have a full-proof plan. In this blog, I will pen down some of the most significant ways that will help you attract local travelers. You need to implement these strategies and soon you will see local guests flocking at your reception.

#1 Do not take off seasons for granted

If you’re keen to draw locals to your property you shouldn’t ignore the off-season months. Remember the off-season months usually remain a little slack for the community around you. During this time you can attract local guests to your hotel with special packages and deals. 

It will help them unwind at a place not so far from home. Selling last-minute deals including vouchers and staycation coupons is a good idea. It’s an effective way to play with the psychology of your guests wherein they get a chance to feel lucky. 

You can offer free nights. It helps in brand building, publicity, and of course buck-building. 

#2 Promote the concept of stay and play

The concept of a staycation is back and it is here to stay. To explore opportunities of staycations you can work around the location of your hotel. 

If you are located in the midst of the city, you can target guests who are reluctant to drive a long distance.

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