boy with head in hands and question marks reflecting challenge for hotel to grasp the new expectations for a positive guest experience

The guest experience continues to be one of the main concerns for hoteliers. How to improve it when the guests’ expectations are constantly changing?

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The times when all that cared was the location and good service are long gone. Today guests aim for much more than that. Creating an excellent hospitality experience nowadays has to do with how fast you answer their questions, how many ‘one-click’ experiences you can provide, and how personalised the approach you take to engage them.

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In order to keep them happy, not only must you keep yourself informed about the latest trends in guest behaviour and hospitality, but also get to know the new basics of the guest experience and make sure you are tackling them.

What are the mistakes that are destroying your guest experience?

Number 1: Not planning your communications

You can either be sending too much or not sending anything at all. But the important thing is that both approaches will destroy your guest experience. 

You should aim to create a guest relationship. This means, communicating with them with relevant information across the entire guest journey. And to be successful, you need to plan your communications, draw the journey and make sure it includes relevant and personal messages, aimed at the right people at the right time.  The results? Not only an excellent guest experience but also higher guest engagement and satisfaction. 

In fact, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte to analyse the guest experience, only 66% of guests reported being satisfied when the way the hotel engaged with them, showing that there is plenty of room for improvement.

Number 2: Offering irrelevant information & services

Either when you are talking about ways to get to your hotel or offering services to your guests, every message should be relevant and add to the guest journey. 

When you offer a couples massage to a business traveller, it is clear that you are not using your guest data in the correct way. The insights you get from your guests should help you give them personalised recommendations, become their local friend and offer relevant services to their target group. 

This not only boosts the guest experience but also helps you to build a relationship with them, which will have an impact on your guest loyalty.

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