coloured strands being seperated out reflecting the importance to hotels of breaking down data silos for greater operational efficiency and visibility

A data silo is a collection of data clustered away in one system, section, or department that other parts of the organization cannot access easily (for instance, if each department had their own excel spreadsheet and refused to share).

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Data silos present a problem for your property for multiple reasons. They make it challenging to gauge the whole picture of your business, and department actions may be counterproductive because they do not have the most recent and accurate data. Determining the accuracy of your data when it’s squirreled away like this becomes more difficult as well. Lastly, silos pose a security risk. If you have multiple silos, you have to properly protect each one, and it’s easier to slip up.

Here is how to eliminate data silos at your property for greater operational efficiency, visibility, and success! 

1. Use a Strong PMS

A property management system (PMS) is key to breaking down data barriers. Consolidating data into a centralized database, including guest information, reservations, billing details, housekeeping status, and more, a strong PMS integrates various functions, ensuring data is accessible across departments and updated in real-time.

Your PMS should be cloud-based, which enables authorized staff to access data from multiple locations and devices. This makes it easier for everyone because they can retrieve information on the go; they don’t have to hike down to the front desk computer every time they need to look something up.

Make sure your PMS integrates with your other technology partners so that data can be shared automatically between systems. This eliminates manual double-entry and reduces data errors. The data will be the same no matter what system an employee looks it up in.

Not everyone needs access to everything, just the data they need to complete their day-to-day tasks. Choose a PMS that permits you to assign users different access levels.

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