Getting It Right: Value-added Hospitality Content Marketing

Content is ubiquitous. Currently, it seems like everything posted online falls within the category of content. However, content marketing speaks specifically to the multi-sensory messages created by brands for consumption by a targeted audience.

The proliferation of content marketing was undoubtedly facilitated by the internet. Brands now have a reach unlike their predecessors in traditional media where marketers were restricted to print, television and radio. Now, the methods follow myriad media of content creation and distribution. Personalization is the driving force behind true content engagement. This is where a brand really matches audience behavior analytics with creative content that truly resonates on a personal level.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, content marketing should be about selling experiences. Whether you are using podcasts, microsites, landing pages and a blend of media within your integrated approach, you are responsible for delivering a feeling of fun and good times. Travelers and patrons of your restaurants, hotels and vacation rentals want to make their experiences memorable — your content should reflect this sentiment.

Niche content wrapped into a brand’s marketing persona is a proven way to generate traffic and user engagement. For example, does your audience like EDM (Electronic Dance Music)? Then how are you generating content based on their interests? Focusing a microsite to showcase the hottest DJs, festivals and music tracks being released could be a viable start. Create playlists of exclusive music tracks just for your target audience or have fans share their favorite tracks they enjoy while on vacation or on that special excursion. This should all feel organic and experiential.

The microsite is not the only latest and greatest strategy for increasing those audience engagement numbers. Wrapping branded experiences within uniquely created content published through these websites can be a very effective way to boost sales, brand awareness and brand loyalty. Hospitality brands can run multiple microsites to reach consumers and the various audience segments they hope to attract.

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