How Hoteliers are Using AI for Revenue Management

The key to revenue management is following data trends and using insights to set the right pricing, AI is perfectly suited to support this hotel function

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car engine depicting how a revenue management system can be the driver of the hotels success

Revenue Management Systems: The Key to Unlocking Hotel Success

Ensuring optimal pricing, predicting market flux, and providing strategic insights, a Revenue Management System aids hotels in carving out a distinct niche

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Why an RMS Is Not Enough: Hotels Need a Profit-Oriented Approach

Where consumer expectations and industry landscapes continually evolve, sticking to a single-dimension strategy like an RMS for room revenue is insufficient

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person with multiple laptops reflecting importance to a hotel of revenue management automation to ensure managers can focus on strategic issues and what is most important

5 Challenges Cluster Revenue Managers Face and How to Overcome Them

If you do it right, a Cluster Revenue Manager, can help you manage costs, increase efficiency and boost revenue.  But it comes with its own set of challenges

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Hotellistat "Who Are We" In conversation with Philip and Julia YouTube Interview Thumbnail

Hotellistat “Who Are We”: In conversation with Philip and Julia

Through our conversation you will hear more about Hotellistat as we dig deeper into the backstory, how the company came about and risks taken to get started

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RoomPriceGenie "Who Are We": In Conversation with Thomas Landen

RoomPriceGenie “Who Are We”: In Conversation with Thomas Landen

In this discussion Thomas tells us more about RoomPriceGenie, the back story to it’s inception and how they add value to their hotel clients

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guest interacting with front desk reflecting increasing demands hotels must respond to

The Impact of an RMS on Enhancing Hotel Guest Experience

Often viewed solely as a tool for pricing and channel distribution, the potential of an RMS to dramatically uplift guest experience is vastly underestimated

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triangle sign with the word yield spelt out reflecting the need to understand the difference between yield management and revenue management

Yield Management vs Revenue Management: What is the Difference

If I already have a yield management solution (either as a stand-alone or built into my PMS), why do I need a revenue management system?

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human head surrounded by dots reflecting data emphasising how ai augmented decision intelligence is the next paradigm shift in hotel revenue management

Intelligent Hotel Price Automation: Leveraging AI with a Human Touch

Within the field of revenue management new AI-based solutions can provide live market intelligence, help hoteliers optimize and even price automation

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The Revenue Management Needs of Different Hotel Stakeholders

In order to ensure that all hotel stakeholders are aligned, it is important to understand their revenue management ‘wants’ and hear them in their own words

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