human head surrounded by dots reflecting data emphasising how ai augmented decision intelligence is the next paradigm shift in hotel revenue management

Intelligent Hotel Price Automation: Leveraging AI with a Human Touch

Within the field of revenue management new AI-based solutions can provide live market intelligence, help hoteliers optimize and even price automation

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The Revenue Management Needs of Different Hotel Stakeholders

In order to ensure that all hotel stakeholders are aligned, it is important to understand their revenue management ‘wants’ and hear them in their own words

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lightbulb with image of a brain inside reflecting the possible need for hoteliers to overhaul the definition of revenue management

The Situation of Revenue Management in The Hotel Industry

Where there is no revenue management strategy there is no knowledge about the customer, price, positioning and target audience

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hotel contactless touchless technology and the borader impact of software solutions in driving revpar growth

5 Reasons You Must Have Hotel Technology In Your 2023 Budget

Investing in hotel technology may not be the answer to all of your problems, but the forward thinking hotelier will be adopting tech in the right places

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Four Myths About Switching To A New Hotel RMS

To help you make the right switch to a better hotel RMS, we’ll go over the four most common RMS-switching myths so that you know what to look out for

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Three Nightmares For Hotel Revenue Management Professionals

Revenue managers face the common challenge of obtaining quality research and analysis to determine the competitiveness of a proposed pricing structure

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The Hidden Costs of Operating Without an Advanced RMS

The RMS will be the catalyst to lead the unification of hotel technology systems around revenue and profit and drive a connected commercial organization

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Trends & Future Predictions for Revenue Management Software

Guest-centric revenue management, with buzzwords today like ABS (attribute-based selling) or customer lifetime value pricing, are not new concepts

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How Automation Can Forecast Uncertainty And Drive Demand

Above all, the task of a forecast is to map uncertainty. In a world where our actions in the present influence the future, uncertainty is opportunity

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one hot air balloon rising above 4 others reflecting importance for hotels to adjust their booking behaviour before competition do

Take Advantage Of Changing Booking Behavior Before Your Competition

Make forward-looking demand signals, such as monitoring of booking behavior part of the data set that informs your pricing decisions

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