Can Open Pricing Support BAR by LOS?

Running an Open Pricing strategy means that, as you get closer to stay date, you can override all BAR by LOS rates and just offer optimized one-night rate

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image of hotel uplugged in amsterdam

Hotel Unplugged: Next-Gen Accommodation With a Next-Gen Tech Stack

Using an RMS that does not offer hotel competitor data can almost be compared to participating in a race with your eyes blindfolded

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Intelligent Revenue Management: 3 Reasons Why Automation is Your Friend

Intelligent revenue management is not designed to replace human expertise. It is developed to help experts focus data insights that which affect forecasts

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Exploring the Virtues of Truly Automated Revenue Management

With historical data rendered unreliable, rules-based revenue management creates a labyrinth of issues to consider when adjusting pricing strategy

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Why Commercial Teams Must Learn To Trust The Science

Since big data and machine learning surpass human capacity, commercial strategy leaders are freed to focus on strategy or the art of revenue management

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Atomize Juyo Partnership Announcement image

Atomize RMS and Juyo Analytics Join Forces to Empower Commercial Teams

By joining forces, Atomize and Juyo provide hotels with a solution that covers proactive, tactical price automation to reactive strategic data intelligence

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cogs in shape of human face reflecting how hotels can supplement and support their revenue manager with a good revenue management solution

Top 5 Things to Consider When Investing in an RMS

Especially in the current market, a powerful RMS can make the difference between missing wave after wave of demand versus riding every wave to the beach

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person sitting near an old piece of technology reflecting how hotel revenue management has evolved and needs the rms to evolve too

With Staffing a Major Issue Right Now, How Can RMS Technology Help?

The answer to the question “Can an RMS help my recruitment woes?” is clearly no, but if you look from a different angle, the answer could be a definite yes

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image for pace revenue new dashboard update announcement

Pace Revenue Launch Brand New Dashboard and Redesign Navigation

With our new portfolio level dashboard we want to help our customers understand how they are performing across their properties

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two puzzle pieces coming together reflecting new innovative revenue optimization products launched by LodgIQ

How an RMS Can Help in Periods of Low Demand

Uncertainty is real! We don’t know the forecast perfectly nor demand function. A modern RMS works 24/7 to adjust to uncertainty and to quickly adapt pricing

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