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To Sell or Not Sell? Now That Is A Question!

We are posing the question to sell or not to sell, after the last 18 months why are we even asking that question, surely we just take the business?

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Marketing Your Hotel Event Spaces – Socials, Reviews and Website

Now that the industry is seeing the slow return of business and recreational conferences, the time to market your event spaces is now

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As Group and Event Demand Returns Let’s Not Slip Back to “Order-Taking”

Although group and event leads are higher than it was a year ago, demand is still not where it once was, so this is a good time to build new sales habits

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Increase Meeting Room Bookings With These 9 Unbeatable Strategies

You can sell meeting space either as an independent area or combined with accommodation. Let’s look at ways that can help maximise your meeting room sales

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Time to Reconnect: 7 Ways Hybrid Events Benefit Venues and Planners

While the prospect of hybrid events seem daunting, they have the potential to increase both venue and planners reach and brand awareness significantly

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Pivot to Virtual Meetings Leads to Changes in Future of Corporate Events

The study examines how US and Canada-based travel meetings and events planners are managing their corporate meetings in the year ahead

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thumbnail of video interview about hotel mindset is it more nokia or apple

The Hotel Mindset: Is It More Like Nokia or Apple?

Has the hotel sector used the pandemic to develop a more customer centric approach to it’s product, pricing and promotions or will it revert back to type

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Promoting Your Hotel as a Wedding Venue

While we are exiting lockdown and wedding guest numbers will increase, they won’t skyrocket overnight. Continue promoting smaller wedding venue packages

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Will Hotels Keep Their Head in the Sand Post Covid

The Cost of Inaction – Will Hotels Revert to Type?

Vaccination campaigns are fired up and countries are reopening. It’s time to look at a future where hotels will be able to operate in high demand again

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Events Market in Germany is in Transition

Like everywhere else in the world, the events market in Germany plummeted last year. Germany’s position in the European market nevertheless remains stable

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