What Generates the Largest Revenue in a Hotel?

If you want to generate the largest revenue in your property, you need to understand how the four revenue drivers for hotels break down:

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Marketing Strategy for Maximum Impact to Transform Your Hotel

From engaging customers with new tech to optimizing digital campaigns for maximum results, inspire and infuse your marketing strategy with these insights

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Middle East MICE Market Fully Recovered to Pre-Pandemic Levels

The Middle East continues to be the only region where recovery is ahead of 2019. However, APAC and the United States did have strong performances in Q4

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automated pricing for live events atomize article image

Automated Pricing for Live Events

They had previously used a tiered pricing model so they would only modify ticket prices to predefined price points based on the number of tickets sold

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music event reflecting an area where hotels can maximize direct bookings by tapping into local events

MEGA Events: High Impact Events Fuelling High RevPAR

Strong leisure travel with many high impact events are fuelling a high RevPAR in those destinations, where typical business destinations are yet to recover

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6 Key Steps to Improve Hotel Meetings & Events Performance

Optimizing the value of your meetings and event space requires more than simply getting as many spaces and days booked as you can

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Meetings Industry Forecast 2023

By many measurements, the meetings sector is expected to surpass prepandemic levels next year and just keep growing

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Guest Stay Optimization: Battleground for guests' hearts and minds Jurrnee event thumbnail

Guest Stay Optimization (GSO): Battleground For Guests’ Hearts & Minds

Guest Stay Optimization (GSO). The entire guest journey isn’t just about their booking or even about their actual stay; there are many touchpoints

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Reputation Management: You Know It Affects ADR Don't You? Jurrnee event thumbnail

Reputation Management: You Know It Affects ADR Don’t You? [Event Replay]

Hear how maintaining a strong online reputation can help hotels drive bookings, stand out from the competition online and maintain profitability

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Direct Booking: Isn't It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay] jurrnee event thumbnail

Direct Booking: Isn’t It Time We Were More Direct?! [Event Replay]

Is it possible for non-branded properties, with smaller marketing budgets, to win the direct booking “war”? If so, how?

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