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Is It Time for Hotel Marketing to Evolve Past ROI

It is not enough anymore to measure how many guest rooms are booked per dollar spent on your paid marketing. Instead, focus attention on two specific areas

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Tiered Marketing Approach to Hotel Recovery

A tiered marketing plan will guide what you should be doing now, then when there are positive signals demand is returning, have that plan ready

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Hilton Branded Hotel? Tips and Advice to Drive Future Demand

In this video Stephanie and Connor look specifically at Hilton branded hotels and ways they can drive demand. Some of the ideas could be generic

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Are Branded Hotels Wasting Money on Metasearch Right Now?

We discuss why in this current climate and changing guest profile, metasearch is just a channel shift and not producing incremental revenue

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Update Covid-19 Hotel Attributes on 3rd Party Websites

Google my Business, Trip Advisor, and OTA’s have set up their COVID-19 communication opportunities as attributes check boxes

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Is Metasearch Advertising Worth It?

Metasearch Advertising: Should I Invest Hotel Marketing Budget?

A user must be looking for YOUR hotel and rates for the MetaSearch option to be available. This is part of a hotel’s “book direct” strategy

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person using metasearch site to research flight and hotel options before booking direct

Why You Should Not Invest in Metasearch Right Now

Even if you leverage metasearch to drive direct bookings on your website, are they the type of customer to come back again and again? Nope!

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Refining and Refreshing Your SEO Strategy For Changing Behaviours

If you go through the steps to check up on these areas, you’ll ensure you have a good foundation for your ongoing seo programs

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6 Free Google Tools Hotels Should be Using

Here are some free Google tools you can use to help make data driven decisions and understand trends for your market and specific location

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Hotel Digital Marketing Recovery – Where to Put Your Marketing Dollars

Finding that “sweet spot” of where and how to utilize marketing efforts can be fuzzy right now, but take a step back and consider these things discussed

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