Tapping Into Integrations is Essential to Hotel Growth

With countless systems and multiple departments, managing a hotel today can be challenging and complex. Traditional software, such as the PMS, limits hoteliers’ freedom to work with several different vendors. Often hoteliers have different applications which have been installed at different points in time resulting in complicated systems that do not easily integrate with software from different providers leading to business process compromises and inefficiencies.

But to remain competitive in today’s hotel environment, it is essential that software applications integrate easily and seamlessly with other programs; hoteliers not only benefit from notable cost savings but also improved business productivity i.e.

Lower IT costs and requirements: By implementing an integrated hotel management system from a single vendor or system aggregator, IT no longer having to procure, install, and maintain multiple systems from different vendors as well as the various integrations in-between. Thus, I.T. requirements are significantly lowered along with a reduction in operational costs, not to mention making it vastly easier for future expansion of software and operational requirements.

Greater Visibility and Growth: Integrated software means synchronization of information between systems resulting in a centralised database source and dashboard where hoteliers can easily see an integrated view of business performance and operations within a single time frame.

As information can be accessed instantly, in real-time from almost anywhere, without wasting resources on data extraction and/or piecing data together from different sources, staff are better informed and can make more accurate, timely and informed decisions.

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