hedges in shapes of house with leaves changing colours highlighting need to maintain summer travel boom into the fall

Changing from hot and humid to cool and brisk weather is a pleasant experience.

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On the other hand, going from high volume to low volume occupancy rates is not so enjoyable. The shift from summer to fall season can be unforgiving for many hotels due to decreasing travel demand. There is hope, however. There is a proven way to lessen the unfavorable change of summer sun to autumn leaves. Maintaining summer foot traffic takes a lot of time and energy, but it can be accomplished.

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Listen to Guest Feedback

To sustain desirable occupancy levels, the first action every hotelier needs to take is listening to their audience. Guests are willing to communicate what they want from hotels by sharing their thoughts online. Common online places guests give their feedback is via social media, company websites, or review sites such as Google reviews and TripAdvisor. It is your duty as a hotelier to ensure you always know what is being said about your property and take note of what is working and what needs improvement. Doing so will set the foundation for how your hotel will thrive in the upcoming fall.

Interact with Online Reviews

Once you uncover what your audience is saying about your hotel, engaging and conversing with them online is the next step. If a guest leaves a review on a review site mentioning positive or negative characteristics about their recent stay, you need to respond and either thank or reassure them. Taking time out of your day to interact with public-facing reviews will create guest trust and a transparent brand image. You will need a clear and accessible brand identity to establish relationships with your online audience and fill your hotel rooms daily.

Know Your Competition

The hospitality industry would be no fun without a little bit of friendly competition. Most importantly, you need to know your competitors inside and outside. The advantage you will develop by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competition can’t be emphasized enough. One of the best ways to maintain your summer travel boom in the fall season is by out-valuing other hotels in direct competition with you. You need to showcase why your hotel is the place to be when the leaves change color so that guests understand your unique positioning. Successfully delivering a sense of high quality will put your hotel ahead of the pack and make it number one. 

Manage Social Media

Another great way to bring a steady flow of business to your property is by consistently posting content on your hotel’s social media. Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and keep a pulse on what is happening around you. For social media to work and bring amazing results, you must post compelling content several times a week for your guests to see and interact with. Not only with this eye-catching content help define your brand, but it will also give guests a comprehensible message of what your hotel has to offer. Social media is a focal point of your property’s line of communication.

Strategize a Plan

By listening and interacting with your audience, knowing your competition, and managing your social media, you will obtain an abundance of critical information. An essential process to achieving a booming fall season is strategizing and implementing a measurable action plan. You must utilize all the knowledge you acquire and set a detailed course. Ultimately, a solid and successful plan will propel your hotel into a favorable position for the duration of the fall season.

Stumbling into Fall

person on a travel holiday

You do not want all the hard work and effort you put in during the summer to be for nothing. Starting on the right foot going into fall will guarantee that you don’t stumble along the way.

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