people in airport representing the corporate transient traveller who is so valuable to a hotel

The hospitality industry has become super-competitive in the past few years, with every hotel trying to attract as many travellers as they can. Attention has indeed become expensive.

NB: This is an article from Catala Consulting

Attracting corporate transient travellers doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right strategies in place. As you already know, hotels are usually open to people from all walks of life, and people from the corporate world are not left out of the equation. If you desire to see more corporate transient travellers flock into your hotel, you are reading the best resource.

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This article reveals simple tweaks that you can implement that’ll pull in more transient travellers to your hotel.

Who is a Corporate Transient Traveller?

A corporate traveller is a person whose primary aim for travelling is business-related. A transient corporate traveller is a person who travels interstate or internationally for business purposes. Such people may include a general manager travelling to another sister branch, a professional photographer travelling to another state to cover an event, or an event planner travelling to another country to plan a destination wedding. 

It is essential to know that corporate travel entails leaving a familiar working environment for another. A transient corporate traveller will most likely spend a day or two at the destination, hence a need for accommodation and meals.

Why is attracting Corporate Transient Travellers essential?

Corporate travellers have garnered much attention because of how frequently they visit hotels on business trips. Because of this, you must make it a priority to serve the needs of these people in the best way. 

Firstly, corporate travel is a growing market with businesses expanding and more businesses being launched. All of these have made corporate travel to be more frequent than in the past.

Secondly, some business persons travel to the same place several times a year. Your hotel has to keep an eye out for them, attract and make a lasting impression. Once they find your hotel’s services very satisfactory, they will most likely return and also give referrals to others.

Business trips are not controlled by seasons and festivities; they go all year round. This is the more reason your hotel should aim at attracting corporate travellers, to keep business going throughout the year without worrying about what season it is. Also, certain people love to have leisure while on business trips. Your hotel will benefit from these prolonged stays and extra costs incurred from additional services like laundry, spa treatment, tours, and gym access.

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