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Tell me if you have been in this situation before? You want and know that you need a loyalty strategy for you property or portfolio, maybe you’ve had a few false starts and don’t know where to begin again or start at all… Everyone usually has something to say about loyalty across marketing, sales, operations, finance… you get the point!

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Here’s a quick guide on how you can seamlessly level up your hotel’s loyalty strategy:

Enrollment and First-Party Data Collection

Kick off by keeping it simple, but don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted enrollment process. It’s not just about gathering basic information; it’s about understanding your guests on a personal level. Use this opportunity to collect first-party data that goes beyond the standard name and email. Dive into preferences, special occasions, and feedback to create a robust profile for each guest. This not only enables personalized experiences but also empowers your marketing strategies.

Laasie’s approach is all about turning data into actionable insights. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, making data collection and analysis a breeze. No more siloed information – it’s time to harness the power of guest knowledge!

Recognize and Reward

Recognizing your guests’ loyalty is the heartbeat of any successful program. While points systems have their merits, the future is undoubtedly leaning towards instant rewards. In the age of instant gratification, guests appreciate immediate recognition for their loyalty. We advocate for experience rewards – think local attractions and retailers to compliment the more traditional room upgrades, spa treatments and exclusive dining experiences. These tangible, emotion-evoking rewards create a lasting impression and forge a stronger connection between your guests and your brand.

Our platform goes beyond conventional loyalty programs by offering a range of customizable reward options. From personalized digital welcome amenities to surprise and delight, we help you curate a reward system that resonates with your unique brand identity.

Incentives that Engage and Increase Loyalty

Incentives should not only engage your guests but also drive loyalty. We understand the challenges faced by independent hotels in competing with industry giants like Marriott or Hilton. The key is to focus on what sets you apart. Tailor incentives that align with your hotel’s unique offerings – perhaps it’s a curated local experience, a partnership with nearby attractions, or exclusive access to events.

Our approach involves working closely with your team to identify and implement incentives that enhance the overall guest experience. Our platform allows for real-time adjustments, ensuring that your loyalty program remains dynamic and responsive to changing guest preferences.

The Future is Instant Rewards

In a world where speed and simplicity reign supreme, instant rewards steal the show. Point-based programs, while effective for larger brands, may not translate as seamlessly for independent hotels. We recognize this shift towards instant rewards and advocates for a more personalized approach. The emotional connection forged through experience rewards resonates more deeply and contributes to sustained loyalty.

Leveraging data insights, Laasie helps you understand your guests’ preferences, enabling you to tailor instant rewards that leave a lasting impact. This personalized touch sets your hotel apart in a crowded market, fostering a sense of belonging among your guests.

Loyalty Asprin

Ready to turn these ideas into reality? We are here to help you operationalise loyalty seamlessly. Our tight-knit integration framework and easy-to-implement product suite take away 99% of the headache associated with loyalty program implementation. With Laasie, you can focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences, confident that your loyalty program is running smoothly in the background.

Whether you’re a single boutique hotel or managing a group of properties, you need a program that adapts to your unique needs. A program that empowers your team to manage, analyze, and optimize the loyalty program effortlessly.

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