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HotelIQ is the only digital workspace made for the hotel industry. It allows you to go further with data, taking your work out of spreadsheets and into interactive reports and dashboards designed for visualization and analysis, saving you and your team hours each week.

HotelIQ’s award-winning analytics, forecasting and data management capabilities provide you with the means to gain true hotel intelligence- a complete understanding of your business.

With HotelIQ analytics, you can set your data free to see things from new angles; highlighting risks and opportunities before it’s too late, comparing your performance against your competition and drilling-down to discover trends at the most granular levels.

HotelIQ’s forecasting tools save you hours each week by using real-time data to generate forecast baselines at monthly or daily minor market levels; enabling you to create detailed, accurate forecasts in a fraction of the time.

HotelIQ’s data management features start with customized data hierarchies optimized for your business, and allow you to constantly manage your data at its most granular levels to maintain data quality across an organization.

Arm your team with information and standardize your approach to analyzing performance across Revenue Management, Sales & Marketing, Operations and Corporate & Regional teams. HotelIQ: go further with data.

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